WWE Teases "The Ultimate Deletion" Coming Soon – Maybe at WrestleMania?

WWE may have teased the next phase of its plans for Woken Matt Hardy. On Twitter, the company posted the following message:

The tweet linked to a WWE.com article, and the article referred to a tweet by Hardy himself, which read:

Prior to returning to WWE last year, Hardy was doing his current gimmick in Impact Wrestling as Broken Matt Hardy. The gimmick culminated in several special events filmed at the North Carolina compound owned by Matt and his brother Jeff Hardy, including Final Deletion and Total Nonstop Deletion. The campy videos helped propel the Broken gimmick to cult status and led the Hardys back to WWE. There, however, the Broken gimmick was halted by a trademark war with Impact Wrestling, one which Hardy eventually won, opening the way for the Woken gimmick.

Back while the Broken gimmick was hot in Impact Wrestling, WWE tried to capitalize on it by putting their own weirdo character, Bray Wyatt, along with his Wyatt Family stable, in a Wyatt Compound brawl that tried to capture the style and spirit of the Deletion videos (though the more polished production actually detracted from WWE's version).

Hardy has been somewhat floundering in a feud with Bray Wyatt, but with WrestleMania coming up, WWE may be planning to take things to the next level and bring back the Hardy Compound segments. In addition, the company has recently hired Jeremy Borash, whose production was essential to the Impact Wrestling videos, and Hardy has teased bringing in characters from Broken Universe to WWE. Jeff Hardy is also rumored to be ready to return from injury.

There's no telling what The Ultimate Deletion will turn out to be, but if WWE is smart, they'll give Borash and the Hardy brothers some cameras and drones, send them and Bray Wyatt to the Hardy Compound, and let them produce an insane epic worthy of the grandest stage of them all. It's WWE, though, so we can probably expect something more akin to Wyatt and Randy Orton's House of Horrors match.

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