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Green Lantern #7 Review: Gravitas and Urgency
The two concurrent storylines (lost Green Lanterns in the Dark Sector under the command of long-time lantern John Stewart and interstellar politics under the command of Far Sector's Jo Muellin) each get their own section of the book. Second of all, ignore the solicitations What's described there is vaguely related to what's in the book but either[...]
Green Lantern #6 Review: Engaging Superhero Stories
In Green Lantern #6, his means two of their numbers — fallen Earth cop Jo Muellin, now ambassador to the galaxy, and decorated Lantern leader and former Marine John Stewart, trapped in a strange part of the galaxy — need to learn new things to address the changes in front of them. Green Lantern #6 Cover[...]
Green Lantern #4 Review: Layers And Surprises
John Stewart battles alone on the edge of known space while Jo Muellin tries to take control of a situation on the Green Lantern homeward of Oa that borders on the uncontrollable. Green Lantern #4 Cover Credit: DC Comics On a frontier world that's spent most of its energy hiding from the universe at large, a party[...]
Green Lantern #3 Review: Pretty Doggone Enjoyable
After that, the newest ring slinger Jo Muellin was lucky to be wielding a wholly different style of Green Lantern energy when she was headed back from her far-flung assignment and now uses her experience as a cop and her new understandings of alien cultures to set her own tone as she steps into galactic[...]