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Star Wars Action Figure Variants Collected in $10 One-Shot in April
What a time to be alive! As revealed in Marvel's full April solicitations, Star Wars: The Action Figure Variant Covers #1 will collect all of John Tyler Christopher's Star Wars action figure variants in a single one-shot for the low price of $9.99 cheap! And yes, because we know you were wondering: this collection of variant covers[...]
Bullseye Takes Aim at Marvel in February
Hit the targets and make sure they don't get back up.   Plus – in addition to a full length adventure, legendary writer & Bullseye co-creator Marv Wolfman returns for a can't-miss Bullseye back-up alongside artist Alec Morgan! What does Bullseye want with the Mafia's most sensitive information? What lengths will he go to in order to[...]
Tonight, John Tyler Christopher Sells A Second Boba Fett Action Figure Cover (UPDATE)
The Star Wars Action Figure variant covers by John Tyler Christopher have become quite the collectible thing, and their success saw Secret Wars pick them up as well. So much so that Christopher commissioned his own exclusive Action Figure variant for Star Wars #4 from Marvel featuring Boba Fett. But that just wasn't enough, so he is doing[...]
John Tyler Christopher's Secret Wars Standees, Out Next Month
We've been showing off glimpses at these Marvel Secret Wars Battleworld standees for a while, but here they all are in their (relative) glory. A retailer promotion item for the Secret Wars series, this will be available in stores alongside Secret Wars #4 next month, with art by Action Figure Variant cover artist John Tyler Christopher, featuring  Mr[...]
A John Tyler Christopher Boba Fett And A Joe Sinnott Goodbye To The Fantastic Four
Marvel Comics have been publishing a number of variant covers by John Tyler Christopher, recreating – or in some cases creating anew – covers that resemble the old blister back action figures of yesteryear Star Wars as had more "Christopher Action Figure" variants than any others, and t seems that John Taylor Christopher would like[...]
Death Of Wolverine #1 Variant By John Tyler Christopher For Wizard World Richmond
Marvel and Wizard World continue their collaboration with the latest exclusive variant cover, this one is Death Of Wolverine #1 by John Tyler Christopher for the Richmond Comic Con This is the second exclusive variant by Christopher as he drew the Amazing Spider-Man #1 for the Atlanta Comic Con in May. Christopher will be on hand[...]