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Okay, Now It's Officially Offical, John Romita Jr And Geoff Johns' Superman
[youtube][/youtube] With colour art, a competition to win attendance at San Diego and a look at the Joker's Daughter… Here's how the rumour played out. [youtube][/youtube] With colour art, a competition to win attendance at San Diego and a look at the Joker's Daughter… Here's how the rumour played out. [...]
Frankensteining DC Comics Solicitations For February 2014 (UPDATE)
SILVA and JOE WEEMS Cover by EMANUALA LUPACCHINO On sale FEBRUARY 12 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T Power Girl and Huntress come face to face with the Superman and Batman of the DC Universe for the first time in chapter 2 of "First Contact"! Continues in next month's BATMAN/SUPERMAN #9! EARTH 2 #20 Written by TOM[...]
Top 100 Comics And Graphic Novels For September 2013
The scarcity of the Joker's Daughter comic can be emphasised by the fact that the 2D version landed in the 91st spot, but the 3D version didn't even chart The highest non-Marvel/DC, usually Walking Dead, is instead The Star Wars charting at #14, but Image had more books than usual in the Top 100, with[...]
So, Someone Seriously Paid Over $17 For That Melted Joker's Daughter #1
Yesterday, as Joker's Daughter hit the shelves, copies of the 3D cover on eBay were selling from between $100 to $40… But one didn't go for quite that much It only went for $17.50 Because it had been burnt and melted beyond recognition. I would like to point out it still went for $17.50 after eleven bids[...]
Joker's Daughter Week – Tuesday Trending Topics
3D covers allocated, severely in some cases, retailers made plans, got the 2D replacements and got used to the new status quo. Most-Read Comic Stories Tuesday: The Fight For Joker's Daughter Tomorrow Just Got More Brutal DC Comics' Villains Month has been, as Tom Huxley noted, a bit of an opti-shambles 3D covers allocated, severely in some cases,[...]
Putting Joker's Daughter #1 In The Microwave To See What Happens
Joker's Daughter #1 is a phenomenon A comic book, not a restricted variant, but one available in every comic store in the land (albeit it allocated) And fetching from around $50 to $80 in advance on eBay, with a couple of copies selling for north of $130. So what did I do with my copy after[...]
Joker's Daughter Is NOT Stephanie Brown, Honest
Yesterday, in a semi-joking piece, RJ Droll wrote "the new Joker's Daughter (who is totally going to end up being Stephanie Brown…)" That didn't go over too well. If #StephanieBrown ends up being #JokersDaughter, I'm going to punch someone #FireDidio — August Macias (@August_Macias) September 25, 2013 Calm down, calm down, I can confirm that the young lady sporting[...]
Joker's Daughter Cover On Video – But What Is Her Real First Appearance?
[youtube][/youtube] Most commonly, advance copies of Joker's Daughter #1 out tomorrow are selling in advance from $50 to $80 online, though one managed to sell for $130 and standard covers for over $11 Do let us know of any lines outside stores before opening tomorrow… Catwoman #23 is labelled her first appearance, with issues selling for up[...]
The Fight For Joker's Daughter Tomorrow Just Got More Brutal
Joker's Daughter seemed the hot ticket, heavily allocated, and advance copies selling for up to $130 on eBay. Retailers have received the following note; Due to an error on Diamond's part, the following Villains Month titles from DC Entertainment — which are scheduled to ship with product carrying an on-sale date of September 25 — will be[...]
DC Comics Further Allocates The Allocated 3D Covers
But at least you now know what you're getting. Think again. DC Comics have told retailers that for next week, they will get 93% of their prevous orders for Bane #1, 84% of their orders for Doomsday #1 and 90% of their orders for Parasite #1. Thankfully there are no further allocations on next week's Joker's Daughter (currently[...]
Joker's Daughter Rocketing In Price On eBay, Hits $130
An advance sale of  the 3D cover of Joker's Daughter #1, out in a week-and-a-bit, for $130.01. But there are three ongoing sales of Joker's Daughter, one at $62 with a day and a half to go, that I'm thinking that something very silly is going on here. Remember, there will be tens of thousands of copies[...]
Buying Catwoman #23 For Cover Price
DC may not have announced it yet, but Catwoman #23 burned through a generous overprint this week, in the light of the first appearance of the new Joker's Daughter, ahead of the already heavily-speculated Joker's Daughter #1. But as ever, this only meant it had sold out at the Diamond Comic Distributor warehouses Copies are still[...]
Catwoman #23 Tops $15, Joker's Daughter #1 Tops $30
Catwoman #23, featuring the first appearance of the new Joker's Daughter, is now a $15 comic on eBay, though some copies are selling around the $10-$12 mark For a $2.99 comic published on Wednesday, that's quite a rise. Some stores may still have copies at cover price of course. Just not many. It's also in advance of the[...]
Everyone Loves The Joker's Daughter….
The advance reorder chart filled with reorders for the 2D covers for September after the retailers were severely shorted on the 3D covers. It's worth noting that Joker's Daughter and Secret Society make the list despite being offered some weeks ago And that East Of West and Superior Spider-Man make the list without any crossover to[...]
Speculator Corner: Catwoman #23 (Spoilers) (UPDATE)
Okay, you may have noticed that there have been eBay sales of the 3D cover of Dark Knight #23.4 Joker's Daughter #1 hitting over $30 on eBay. It's the hottest book of DC's Villain's Month in September. And the character's first appearance is on the last page of Catwoman #23, out tomorrow. I understand that, as we speak,[...]
Speculator Corner: Joker's Daughter Leads The Pack For DC 3D Cover Demand
An advance copy of Joker's Daughter #1 has just sold in eBay for $31. While The Joker #1 itself has just sold for $22.50 They will go on sale in comic stores, heavily allocated, next month for $3.99. No other book is currently pushing $20, but a set of all 52 is now regularly selling for over[...]