Joker's Daughter Cover On Video – But What Is Her Real First Appearance?


Most commonly, advance copies of Joker's Daughter #1 out tomorrow are selling in advance from $50 to $80 online, though one managed to sell for $130. and standard covers for over $11. Do let us know of any lines outside stores before opening tomorrow…

Catwoman #23 is labelled her first appearance, with issues selling for up to $20.

But is it?

RJ Droll writes;

Catwoman #23 certainly became quite a thing, didn't it? What, with it being the first appearance of the new Joker's Daughter (who is totally going to end up being Stephanie Brown…) and all.  While it's refreshing seeing a comic explode in desirability purely for comic related reasons (as opposed to being a movie or TV tie-in), Catwoman #23 isn't the Joker's Daughter's first appearance. It's not even her second, or third, or…well, you get the idea.

Joker's Daughter's first appearance is…well, to be honest, I don't know. Hell, I'm not sure anyone can say for sure…that's because she appeared in the "Channel 52" featurette in the back of every single DC Universe book that shipped the week of July 24, 2013 (as well as the following week, July 31).


This is actually different than the featurette from August, even though the 'story' the back-up tells is very similar (she's in the third panel on the July back-ups, and the fourth panel in the August back-ups).  From what I saw today nosing around my favorite local comic store (shout-out to Mayhem Comics in Des Moines, Iowa!), the books I can confirm that particular "Channel 52" runs in are:

All Star Western 22, Aquaman 22, Batman-Superman #2, Batman the Dark Knight 22, Catwoman 22, Constantine #5, Green Team #3, and Pandora #2.

So, you know…good luck trying to figure out which of these books is 'the first' to come out, since they all hit the same week (except for Pandora #2, that came out on 7/31). If such things matter though, alphabetically, the winner would be All-Star Western #22.

I'm sure this is an "eye roller" for those who refuse to acknowledge there's anything special at all about The Incredible Hulk #180 (but, realistically, playing by those rules, Catwoman 23 shouldn't count as anything either…); but we're living in a world where people are hunting down Mondo #1Morning Glories #14…Green Wake #7 as the first appearance of Peter Panzerfaust, even though those books are in no way connected to the source material.  The "Channel 52" back-ups are ads, but they're ads set in continuity, and the Joker's Daughter is in them…before Catwoman #23.

Also, when the new Joker's Daughter ends up being the New 52 Stephanie Brown, you would have totally heard it first if you had been following me on Twitter…just saying.

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