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Presidential Election (not letting this one go) and opportunities to play "Victim #8" in a Freddy, Jason or Michael movie (admit it…it would be kinda' cool). can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: The Weekly Static s01e22: Sabrina, Constantine, Vampires & More! ( Netflix Taps Mad Men's Kiernan Shipka for Riverdale Spinoff 'Sabrina' Walking Dead Stuntman John[...]
'Too Many Stars' Crowd Jon Stewart In Promo For HBO Autism Event
Although more names are being added as the event nears, the list of confirmed performers includes: Louis C.K., Stephen Colbert, Abbi Jacobson, Jordan Klepper, Hasan Minhaj, John Mulaney, Olivia Munn, John Oliver, Ben Stiller and Adam Sandler. Stewart has served as host of the event since 2005, and has become a one-man recruitment drive to bring stars[...]
15, 2017 ( 'The Opposition' Trailer: Jordan Klepper Exposes The Truth About "China" I'm not trying to imply that this is a new problem or that it's somehow Jordan Klepper's fault, but the article got me to thinking that late-night talk shows really have been a "safe zone" for middle-aged white guys[...]
'The Opposition' Trailer: Jordan Klepper Exposes The Truth About "China"
Jordan Klepper is leaving the front lines of The Daily Show to stand as the voice of the opposition Actually, he's not just "the voice" but also the host; and it's not just "the opposition" but Comedy Central's new late night comedy-news series The Opposition With Jordan Klepper And you'll see from the trailer below,[...]
Michael Kosta
Kosta is most likely a replacement for Jordan Klepper who will be taking over the 11:30 time slot this fall.   Kosta has been working as host and co-executive producer on The Comment Section on E! as well as co-host on Fox Sport 1's Crowd Goes Wild where he worked with Regis Philbin With Comedy Central, Kosta[...]