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Infinity Countdown #5 cover by Nick Bradshaw and Morry Hollowell
However, it had me invested, if only for a little bit. Infinity Countdown #5 art by Mike Hawthorne, Jose Marzan Jr., and Jordie Bellaire Mike Hawthorne and Aaron Kuder both do a decent job in this issue Kuder's work really disappointed me last issue, and that is mostly made up for in this installment His panels tend[...]
Batgirl vs. the Riddler #1 cover by Rafael Albuquerque and Dave McCaig
the Riddler #1 art by Minkyu Jung, Jose Marzan Jr., and Jordie Bellaire Minkyu Jung's artwork brings the comic to life quite well It's what one might call a standard comic book style, but it's a very good version of that idea The figures look good, the action is kinetic, and the scenes are detailed Jordie[...]