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Preview MoCCA Fest '15 Debut The Vagabonds #4 From Josh Neufeld
Rounding out our MoCCA Fest debuts tonight appearing this weekend in New York from Hang Dai Studios in Brooklyn, we have The Vagabonds #4 from Josh Neufeld featuring a genre-mix of journalistic, socially observant, and fictional elements. Hang Dai Editions, the publisher, describes The Vagabonds #4 thus: The Vagabonds #4 serves up a spicy blend of journalism,[...]
Breaking: Hang Dai Editions Universe Implodes In 'Fade To Whack: Fart In A Windstorm'
Bleeding Cool received a strangely urgent missive tonight in the wake of all of the Big Two announcements that undermined the stability of all fictional universes. That statement was: Hang Dai Editions, formed in 2014 by four New York cartoonists, Gregory Benton, Dean Haspiel, Seth Kushner, and Josh Neufeld, announced today on their website that the Hang Dai[...]
Things To Do In New York This Week If You Like Comics
The event will also consist of a signing by fellow Hang Dai Studios members and fellow comics creators. They say: Our great friends over at Hang Dai Studios will be joining us for a fantastic signing event with Dean Haspiel (The Fox, American Splendor), Christa Cassano (The Giant Effect) and Josh Neufeld (The Vagabonds) They will be[...]
Josh Neufeld Joins Hang Dai Editions, Brings Comics Journalism The Vagabonds To MoCCA Fest
HANG DAI Editions, an independent publishing imprint of Brooklyn, NY featuring the work of Gregory Benton (B+F), Dean Haspiel (The Fox), and Seth Kushner (Schmuck), has announced a new fourth member to their roster: Josh Neufeld. Neufeld is the critically acclaimed creator of A.D.: New Orleans After the Deluge (Pantheon) In addition, he is the illustrator[...]