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Evil Superman Suit from 'Superman III' Sells for $200k

Finally, Superman III turns an impressive profit!  We kid, we kid.  Okay yes, most fans do beat up on the later Christopher Reeve last son of Krypton films because they kind of deserve it, III had some pretty good moments.Like, Evil Superman.Which led to drunk Superman.Anyhow- one of the screen used costumes from the film just sold at auction[...]

Daryl Hannah's Mermaid Tail from 'Splash' Sold for $10k

Seriously- do yourself a favor and pick up a copy, and watch the behind the scenes documentary.  It's brilliant, and will make you appreciate it even more.Anyhow- today at Julien's Auctions Hollywood Legends in Las Vegas, Daryl Hannah's Madison hero tail sold for a mere $10,000 USD.  I say mere, because the detail on the damn[...]