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GLOW: Alison Brie Betty Gilpin Talk Freaky Tuesday Season 4 Teases

GLOW: Alison Brie, Betty Gilpin Talk Freaky Tuesday; Season 4 Teases

No word on when it will resume filming, but we do have two behind the scenes ring-side peeks at what's to come thanks to social media and stars Brie and Kate Nash I'd expect GLOW to return to Netflix for their final smackdown sometime in the first half of 2021, but that all depends on[...]

GLOW: Geena Davis is Going All In (Sorry AEW) on Season 3 [VIDEO]

"GLOW": Geena Davis is Going "All In" (Sorry, AEW) on Season 3 [VIDEO]

As their residency wears on, the lines blur between performance and reality, and the cast find themselves struggling with their own identities in and outside of the ring.Netflix's GLOW stars Brie, Maron, Betty Gilpin, Sydelle Noel, Britney Young, Gayle Rankin, Sunita Mani, Rebekka Johnson, Kimmy Gatewood, Britt Baron, Kate Nash, Ellen Wong, Jackie Tohn, Marianna[...]

Bill Sienkiewicz Draws Bernie Sanders On A T-Shirt With Kate Nash At Meltdown Comics

Bill Sienkiewicz Draws Bernie Sanders On A T-Shirt, With Kate Nash At Meltdown Comics

Bill Sienkiewicz, Jim Mahfood, Shawn Alexander will be creating a piece of Bernie Sanders art a Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles on Saturday evening, hosted by Kate Nash with Hal Helfer consuming everything in sight...And there are also Bill Sienkiewicz Bernie Sanders T-shirts for sale.. will you be going? Let me know...I don't think I've wanted to[...]