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Space Sweepers: Korean Sci-Fi Blockbuster to Premiere on Netflix
Bitter hotshot pilot Tae-Ho (Song Joon-Ki), tough-as-nails Captain Jang (Kim Tae-Ri), foul-mouthed ex-gangster-turned-engineer Tiger Park (Jin Sun-Kyu), and snarky reprogrammed war-droid Bubs (Yoo Hae-Jin) can barely stand each other as schlubs in a dead-end job tend to be When they salvage a little girl who turns out to be a nuke, they think they've hit[...]
Space Sweepers: Netflix Announces Release Date and New Trailer
K-drama favourite Song Joong-Ki plays a down-on-his-luck hotshot pilot leading a rag-tag crew of weirdos and screwups, including an ex-pirate (Kim Tae-Ri like a snarky Gamora), a foul-mouthed, endlessly pissed off engineer (Jin Sun-Kyu) and a snarky former military robot (Yoo Hai-jin) that still has its combat skills They're space sweepers! Accident-prone, which is the[...]
Space Sweepers: Trailer for the First Korean Space Opera Blockbuster
The no-nonsense, no more f's to give captain (Kim Tae-Ri) Check The grouchy, foul-mouthed engineer (Jin Seong-Ku) Check The snarky robot that's a deadly weapon (Yoo Hae-Jin) Check The salvage crew discovering illegal cargo Check Illegal cargo turns out to be a dangerous bomb that looks like a child Check More fights in space Check[...]