Watchmen Deluxe On Kindle, 448 Pages For Five Bucks

This may be the Kindle deal that digital refuseniks may find hard to argue with The Watchmen Deluxe edition by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, 448 pages of it, for $4.99.Bargain. This may be the Kindle deal that digital refuseniks may find hard to argue with The Watchmen Deluxe edition by Alan Moore and Dave[...]

Afterlife With Archie Gets An App

A new free app is now available for Afterlife With Archie on Apple (iPhone, iPad), Amazon Kindle, Google Play and the Windows Store.The series written by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and with art by Francesco Francavilla has been selling out in comic shops regularly So it seems like a good time for the company to try and[...]

Nelson Mandela Passes Away – Read The Officially Authorised Comic Of His Life

Published by the Nelson Mandela Foundation, comes this new comic book publication for Amazon's Kindle As I was writing up this short piece on it, I heard the news that the man himself had passed away.Published by the Nelson Mandela Foundation, comes this new comic book publication for Amazon's Kindle As I was writing[...]

DC Comics Graphic Novels Now Available On ComiXology And Google Play

As of today, DC's digital collections of their comics are now available outside of the Kindle and the Nook, appearing on ComiXology and Google Play Which means now readers don't have to pay a premium to download the individual issues, and can choose their downloading destination of choice.DC's deicsion to go digitally exclusive with such[...]

DC Comics Back On ComiXology App On Kindle Fire

Looks like this entry on the ComiXology FAQ may require a little updating; Why can't I find DC or Vertigo books on the Kindle Fire app?Last Updated: Apr 30, 2013 04:54AM EDTCurrently, DC Comics and its imprints are no longer available for purchase on our Fire app.You can continue to access the DC Comics that are[...]

DC Doubles Digital Download Dollar Discount Delay

DC Comics have had a policy with their digital comics. Wait four weeks and you can buy them for less on ComiXology or the DC App. A $2.99 comic drops to $1.99 and a $3.99 comic drops to $2.99. Simples. But not since May apparently. Some people notice that last week didn't bring a discount […]

Watchmen Is $4 On Kindle In The USA

It may look like $13 to us Brits.But in the US, clicking on this link will give you the complete Watchmen for $4 on your Kindle.I think.Try it and let me know.. ComiXology aren't matching, because it seems Kindle has the exclusive on the digital collection!Apologies for the other post earlier, Amazon's region locking systems[...]

Go-For-Gopher: Sidekick Wanted

A week ago I released Go-For-Gopher as a kindle e-book and its been rising up the charts, breaking into the top twenty paid superhero category just last  evening Its got a ton of elements longtime fans of superheroes would love.The lead character is my take on Batman and the first story has him interviewing sidekicks[...]

Amazon Offers All-You-Can-Eat Digital Comics For Kids From Marvel And DC

Amazon has announced Freetime Unlimited, a new subscription service for kids that lets them download books, movies, games and comics from a restricted library, for the Kindle Fire.This will also include comic books from Marvel and DC Expect to see Muppets, Marvel Adventures, Tiny Titans and Scooby Doo...The service will cost $2.99 a month for[...]

GlitchWatch: New 52 Detective Comics Vol 1 For 77 Pence

This is just for the UK, folks.Because if you want to download the first volume of the New 52 Detective Comics on your Kindle, it will cost $14.83 in the USA.But in the UK, right now, it's just seventy seven pence Or a little over a dollar For the first six issues of the run,[...]

What's Up With DC Comics, ComiXology And The Kindle?

"Currently, DC Comics are no longer available for purchase on our Fire app." -  ComiXology representative to a Bleeding Cool reader After making such a furore by signing their most popular hundred graphic novels exclusively to the Kindle Fire last year, and seeing Barnes & Noble and Books-A-Million boycott those titles in protest, you'd have thought[...]

What If Batman And Superman Were Two Sixteen Year Old Girls?

A new novel for the Kindle for one dollar from Kirby Moore Hmm, what an interesting name for an author...Starfall City is a young adult superhero novel that's the antithesis of the overproduced superheroes-in-the-real-world, and firmly set in the pulp fiction world that comics originally sprang from with futuristic sc-fi, aliens, magic, kung-fu, cyberpunk, dragons,[...]

Scott Beatty Writes Ebook Based On His Sherlock Holmes Comic

After the success of their Seal Team Six ebooks by Chuck Dixon, Dynamite continue their digital prose publications by comic book writers with a new Sherlock Holmes Year One story written by Scott Beatty, based on his Sherlock comic book work for Dynamite, for the Kindle.Here's the first chapter... SHERLOCK HOLMES THE TWELVE CAESARS Scott Beatty    BOOK I: A Poison[...]

DC Books Return To Barnes & Noble's Shelves

Bleeding Cool broke the story and provided the photographic proof back in October that Barnes & Noble was to remove 100 DC Comics graphic novels from their shelves a few months ago, over DC's decision to make them digitally exclusive to the Amazon Kindle Fire - excluding Barnes & Noble's Nook Books-A-Million followed suit, as[...]

CRG Launch As Middle Man To Digital Comic Books

CRG Digital are supplying a service to small press publishers looking to take advantage of the digital marketplace. But don't have a clue what they're doing.  Like I wouldn't have. Option 1 Starting at $19 This option the creator provides the comic book or graphic novel files to CRG Digital. CRG staff will then design […]

DC Comics Fails Over Kindle App Availability

That's the tweet sent out at the end of September, assuring people as the news streamed out that DC Comics were getting into bed with Amazon Kindle Fire, that they would be able to access these one hundred digital graphic novels on their Apple iPads, say.However, when the books went live for downloading yesterday, people[...]