ComiXology's Guided View Experience Magically Appears On Kindle

Begging the question — "why have two separate services at all?" — Amazon has announced that comiXology's "guided view" method of displaying digital comics is coming to the Kindle platform, according to a press release. The new reading experience is available now on Amazon Fire tablets as well as on the Kindle app on Android and iOS devices. […]

Amazon Introduces Manga Kindle In Japan

Even in a era in which viewing devices of all shapes and sizes are readily available, the Kindle Paperwhite has found its niche. The spiritual descendant of the original Kindle reading-centric models, the no-glare, easy-on-the-eyes Paperwhite has become Amazon's best-selling Kindle device. Amazon has announced today that they are releasing a "Manga Model" Kindle Paperwhite […]

How To Write A Generic Vampire Novel – By Someone Who Did

CZ Hazard writes, My name is C Z Hazard, and I'm a writer. I have been working in the comic industry for twenty years on and off, with a much more sensible real name.  I've always loved story-telling, and I quit working front-line retail so I could start writing, but I still work behind the […]

A Priest By Any Other Name

The Klang! ebook about the doings and don'tings of Quantum And Woody isn't written by Priest, Or Christopher Priest. Or even Jim Osley. But by James Priest. So what's with the latest change in nomenclature? I asked the man in question. He told me, I haven't changed my name again :-) Most people still call […]

Black Mask Jumps On ComiXology And Kindle

It's been a big year for comic book publisher Black Mask, behind comics such as We Can Never Go Home, Godkiller, Space Riders, Ballistic, The Disciples, Young Terrorists and the upcoming adaptation of the movie that never was Sinatoro by Grant Morrison and Vanesa del Rey. Constant sellouts, big retailer promotions, and their comics becoming true collector items have […]

Chuck Dixon, The First American To Write Tex?

  Well it didn't work out for Mike Deodato. But for Chuck Dixon, it seems to have gone rather well. Dixon has written for Tex, the hugely popular Italian Western comic from Sergio Bonelli Editore. This is the first time an American has written Tex. Indeed, the only non-Italian to date was the Spanish writer […]

Some People Just Won't Let Black Widow/Hawkeye Go…

The Hawk and The Widow: Secret Mission is a novel on the Kindle by Terra Mills. In the Erotic section. It's could be a clever way to write the Black Widow/Hawkeye romance that fans were denied by Avengers: Age Of Ultron, which revealed Hawkeye's wife and family, and gave Bruce Banner and the Black Widow a […]

Marvel Put Single Issues On The Kindle, And Renew ComiXology Deal

Both Marvel and ComiXology have issued press releases regarding a new agreement between Marvel, ComiXoogy and ComiXology's owners Amazon. The basics are – Marvel have re-upped to have single issues exclusively distributed by ComiXology, and for ComiXology to continue to run the Marvel App, but as Amazon owns ComiXology now, that exclusive deal for single […]

Amazon GlitchWatch – Watchmen For Free On Kindle In USA? (UPDATE)

An Amazon Glitchwatchmen? Okay, so this is peculiar. A copy of the complete Watchmen collection is on Amazon Kindle for free, USA only. Except it appears to be called "B00BWNXMEK", which is the ISBN name for the title It is published by DC Comics through Amazon, so it appears to be legal. Apparently the glitch […]

A Very Digital Angoulême From ComiXology And Amazon

ComiXology have returned to Angoulême, the world's biggest comic book festival, for their third year with a sale to spotlight comics, bandes dessinées (BD), graphic novels and manga from all over the world, both in English and French This international discount will apply through the festival until February 1st. And we'll be following their adventures at the show […]

Amazon Glitchwatch: Batman Eternal Vol 1 On UK Kindle

The first collected volume of Batman Eternal is released next month. In the US it is priced at $29.99, in print and digital, and is selling it for a little less. In the UK, the print price is at £24.62, with Amazon selling it for just over £20. Except on the UK Kindle, where […]

ComiXology App Now On One-And-A-Half Stars

On Saturday, while everyone else was running around at C2E2, Bleeding Cool was the first to report on the new ComiXology App and the change in policy that would stop in-App purchases on iPhone and iPads, and stop Google Play purchases on Android devices. This is in line with newly-purchaser Amazon's similar policy on the Kindle […]

David Baillie Talks Bloodshot: Portal 666

David Baillie writes, My name's David Baillie and I'm a writer. You might know me from my work for the legendary British comic 2000AD. Last year I wrote a three-part story about robot pirates and a lost human race called The Ghostship Mathematica, which lots of people seemed to like. (It was drawn by superstar […]

Lots And Lots And Lots Of Kindle Comics Deals Right Now

We told you about Watchmen Deluxe. We told you about Trifecta. But cheap deals on Kindle graphic novels and collections are spreading fast. Here are a bunch of great examples that might see you resurrect your Kindle or your Kindle app on iPad and Android as a result… lots of great DC books down to […]