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It's almost a crime for them to say you can use your Comixology or Kindle app to read your books, when they're pretty much the same app now." Twitter user Kay Weebe tried to contact ComiXology Support over one issue (no reply so far), discovering that they couldn't find Sex Criminals on the new app[...]
The Morning After The ComiXology App Update
I'm hoping now that the ComiXology reader is essentially Kindle, there will be faster updates to fix bugs and look at usability issues Having said that, I won't be surprised if comic-specific requirements get pushed down the Jira list in favour of universal Kindle updates." and following up saying "Day two of using the new[...]
ComiXology App 4.0 Update Is Just A "Bad Version Of The Kindle App"
It will be ComiXology App only on mobile devices and tablets or using the Kindle reader on the desktop – which was not designed for reading comic books Another big issue is for the non-Americans only, as they are no longer able to subscribe to digital series For some undisclosed reason Which is a pain for many[...]
The App Replacing ComiXology on Desktop Can't Handle 2-Page Spreads
Though ComiXology will continue to maintain a dedicated app on Android, iOS, and FireOS devices, that leaves Amazon's Kindle app as the only option for users who read comics on their desktop PCs But there's one major problem: those apps do not seem to be able to handle one of the most basic elements of[...]
The Pride Omnibus, Selling Better In Book Stores Than Comic Shops
In fact, you can get all of The Pride digitally for less than a cup of coffee atm! That's awesome, innit!  And if you can, the ComiXology Unlimited deal is one of the best in comics, with literally thousands of titles for a freakin' tiny subscription fee! Go for it! Glitter Vipers actually went live[...]
Amazon Pulls Pirated Comics From Kindle - Some Of Them
That someone, using multiple Kindle Publisher accounts was uploading Marvel, DC, and Image digital comic books and selling them at a price far less than the official versions, or through Kindle Unlimited funding The listings had been up for a week, but attempts to get Amazon to respond to concerns went updated. Bleeding Cool ran the[...]
An Unexpected Way To Pirate Comic Books On Amazon Kindle?
Someone, using the name Raymond Coles, appears to have uploaded a whole load of Marvel and DC comic book digital files to Amazon Kindle and has been promoting them on Amazon Marketplace, and crediting the comics to themselves And while one can pay a minimal amount to purchase copies – much less than legitimate digital[...]
ComiXology's Guided View Experience Magically Appears On Kindle
Begging the question — "why have two separate services at all?" — Amazon has announced that comiXology's "guided view" method of displaying digital comics is coming to the Kindle platform, according to a press release The new reading experience is available now on Amazon Fire tablets as well as on the Kindle app on Android and iOS devices. "A[...]
Amazon Introduces Manga Kindle In Japan
Even in a era in which viewing devices of all shapes and sizes are readily available, the Kindle Paperwhite has found its niche The spiritual descendant of the original Kindle reading-centric models, the no-glare, easy-on-the-eyes Paperwhite has become Amazon's best-selling Kindle device Amazon has announced today that they are releasing a "Manga Model" Kindle Paperwhite[...]
ComiXology Declares Itself To Be "An Amazon Company" (UPDATE – You Can Now Merge Your Amazon And CMX Accounts)
Because today ComIXology changed their logo, with a little branding to remind us exactly who owns their ass….   UPDATE: Ah that's what it is. You can now merge your ComiXology and Amazon accounts together. You can also sync your Kindle comic books up with your ComiXology account. Just use your Amazon detals when you sign into ComiXology and everything should be switched across. Give[...]
How To Write A Generic Vampire Novel – By Someone Who Did
 I've always loved story-telling, and I quit working front-line retail so I could start writing, but I still work behind the scenes to help keep the store (Comic Connections, Banbury) running smoothly, and work the bigger shows  – such as MCM London and Birmingham – with the guys. As someone who can't draw at all, I[...]
A Priest By Any Other Name
The Klang! ebook about the doings and don'tings of Quantum And Woody isn't written by Priest, Or Christopher Priest. Or even Jim Osley. But by James