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Jesse Hamm Talks With Fabrice Sapolsky About Flash Gordon: Kings Cross #5
Dynamite has sent us a new Writer-2-Writer interview featuring Fabrice Sapolsky, writer of Intertwined #5, talking to artist/co-writer Jesse Hamm about Flash Gordon: Kings Cross #5, both on sale now Cover and interiors by Hamm and Grace Allison. FABRICE SAPOLSKY: In terms of storytelling, I liked that when Flash Gordon talks about his plan, it appears[...]
Jesse Hamm On Co-Writing And Drawing Flash Gordon: Kings Cross
Jesse Hamm talks to Byron Brewer about Flash Gordon: Kings Cross #4, on sale in February from Dynamite. Cover by Roberto Castro. BYRON BREWER: So, Jesse, as you near the penultimate issue of this series, how fun has it been to work on this wonderfully retro SF piece with Jeff Parker? JESSE HAMM: It's been a blast[...]
Creator's Commentary – Jesse Hamm Talks Flash Gordon: Kings Cross #1
Creator Commentary: Jesse Hamm talks Flash Gordon: Kings Cross #1, now on sale from Dynamite. Cover by Roger Langridge and interiors by Hamm and Grace Allison. Jeff Parker and I collaborated on the writing of this series: Jeff kicked things off by writing the first issue himself, and I joined him on the subsequent issues[...]
Jeff Parker On Telling A Retro Story With Modern Pacing In Flash Gordon: Kings Cross
Jeff Parker continues the story of Flash Gordon, Mandrake the Magician, The Phantom and their friends in Flash Gordon: Kings Cross #1, on sale in November from Dynamite He's co-writing the series with Jesse Hamm with art by Grace Allison There will be covers by Roger Langridge, Marc Laming & Grace Allison, Jesse Hamm & Grace Allison,[...]