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Explore Alpha, Knockabout's 'Operatic Journey' Of 14 Billion Years, This October
From Knockabout Comics comes Alpha, created by Jens Harder Said to be a work that will take the readers on an 'operatic journey', Alpha will explore the beginning with the nano-seconds following the Big Bang and onwards through the next 14 billion years. We will get to see our infant universe as it rapidly expands, formed[...]
Nemo: River Of Ghosts Now Available For Pre-Order
Calling all fans of the terrifying pirate queen! Nemo: River of Ghosts from Top Shelf Productions and Knockabout Comics, is now available for pre-order Creators Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill are releasing the third installment in the graphic novel series Captain Janni Nemo will steer her wondrous ship Nautilus into the tropical mysteries of the Amazon, in[...]