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Mattel Creations Partners With Frank Kozik for Mega Bloks Labbit
The first collaboration figure will be the iconic Labbit character from Kidrobot Chief Creative Officer, Frank Kozik Labbit first appeared in 90's rock poster art and was brought to life from Kidrobot Due to a manufacturing error, the "Smoking Rabbit" figure was mislabelled as "Smorkin Labbit," and it just stuck Labbit has been created in[...]
Do You Want To Color A Labbit?
The prices range from $9.99-$19.99, The Labbit being the most expensive. From the pictures shown above and below, you can see that a magic eraser does the trick should you want to design and re-design your collectibles over and over again Coloring has been a tradition for along time for people, but coloring therapy has seen[...]
Show Your Pride With Rainbow Colored Labbits
Just in time for Pride Month, Frank Kozik & Kidrobot's Pride Pack Labbits are here to celebrate! The rainbow colored Labbits come packaged in a window box, and each Labbit measures 1.5" Sold at a reasonable price of $15.99, these collectibles are sure to put a smile on your face. For those of you who don't[...]
Instead Of Rabbits, Give Them Labbits This Easter (And Littons)
The baby Labbits are a success! You know what that means? It's time for more Littons. Kidrobot is releasing a vinyl 1.5" Labbit with Littons 6-pack, which if you ask me, is way more appealing to buy than a plush They also released a more in depth description of their new breed of collectible. No Labbit is[...]
What's Cooler Than A Deadpool Labbit?
This epic looking Labbit brings the action, wielding a gatling-shot-gun weapon 7-inches of red and black anti-hero for $49.99? Not too bad if you ask me. For those of you who don't know, the original Labbit design was brought to us by pop artist Frank Kozik, and was originally featured in Kozik's nineties rock poster art[...]
From Blind Boxes To Labbits…Amanda Visell Dominates!
Now the wonderfully talented artist has taken on the world of Labbits. Scaredy Labbit is her take on the goofy, cute and pleasantly offbeat Labbit Scaredy Labbit measures 10", costs $75.00, and features whimsical ghosts painted on each side Each piece is hand painted so no two are exactly alike Normally, I would have a strong[...]
101 Labbits And A Giraffe
Some new species of Labbit have released from Kidrobot A breed of Dalmatians and Giraffes These fluffy collectibles are equally as cute, but difference in size and price The Dalmatian Labbit is 14" and $24.99 The Giraffe Labbit is half the size and $11.99. I know what you're thinking, why would I want to buy one[...]
The Venom Labbit Really Needs To Wipe Properly
I recently became the proud owner of a Venom Labbit. Isn't it sweet But it is rather peculiar in more ways than one Obviously you'll want to nuzzle up to it…  Who wouldn't want to? But when you turn the figure round, you're confronted with an unforgettable sight.   A Venom Labbit that… doesn't wipe? Shudder. The kids love it[...]
Cover Variance: Wolverine Labbit Vs My Little Pony – Who'd Win?
Two upcoming variant covers from Hastings, a Marvel Wolverine Labbit to kick off the new Wolverines series, and a My Little Pony… Two upcoming variant covers from Hastings, a Marvel Wolverine Labbit to kick off the new Wolverines series, and a My Little Pony… Two upcoming variant covers from Hastings, a Marvel Wolverine Labbit to[...]