Mattel Creations Partners With Frank Kozik for Mega Bloks Labbit

Mattel has announced a new line called MEGA Collabs that allows artists to express themselves through their MEGA Bloks line. The first collaboration figure will be the iconic Labbit character from Kidrobot Chief Creative Officer, Frank Kozik. Labbit first appeared in 90's rock poster art and was brought to life from Kidrobot. Due to a manufacturing error, the "Smoking Rabbit" figure was mislabelled as "Smorkin Labbit," and it just stuck. Labbit has been created in a variety of ways from plush, prints, mini vinyl figures, and so much more. He has been seen with a nice mustache, beard, plenty of other designs but his body shade and signature rear have stayed the same. Now Mattel is bringing the rabbit to life by allowing fans to build their own.

Frank Kozik and MEGA Collabs have teamed up to bring the Labbit to MEGA Blok's form. He will be sporting his classic stash and will even feature his iconic rear design. The Labbit is ready to be built by your hands and will be available go live on Friday, November 13, at 12 PM EST on Mattel Creations. Labbit and Frank Kovikz fan swill have a blast with his new Mattel collaboration figure and will be a great way to get some hands-on collectible with this classic pop art character.

"Graphic artist and collectible designer pioneer, Frank Kozik, teams-up with MEGA designers to develop a block construction kit to build your own Labbit. Labbit started in the 90s as rock show poster art and has since transformed into a three-dimensional vinyl figure which established a cult following. This new evolution is the first-time fans can build their very own Labbit, complete with signature accessories and design elements. The Labbit is known for having a myriad of variants, but fans have never seen one like this because they don't just admire it, they have to build it!

Frank Kozik was key in creating this new form-factor for the iconic figure. Kozik states, "Labbit was originally inspired by the shift into creating three-dimensional art in the 90s, and the collaboration with MEGA now brings it to the buildable construction medium for the first time. By partnering with MEGA designers to make a build-your-own Labbit, we created a new experience for fans and expanded the play value."

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