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Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler's Comic-Con Panel Is "Cursed"

"Cursed": Frank Miller, Tom Wheeler & Zetna Fuentes Talk Novel/Netflix Series Project

As had been previously reported, Nimue eventually becomes the mythical Lady of the Lake from Arthurian legend Arthur (Devon Terrell) will accompany Nimue on her quest Villains such as the Weeping Monk (Peter Mullan) and Sister Iris will terrorize the youths The Red Scourge, burning Fey villages, and the killing innocents is what initially sets[...]

'Cursed': Netflix Offers First-Look at Katherine Langford in Frank Miller/Tom Wheeler Arthurian Series

Here's a look at the full image for yourselves, thanks to the fine folks at Netflix's "See What's Next" Twitter account:[caption id="attachment_1041483" align="alignnone" width="864"] Netflix[/caption]Based on comic book writer/artist Frank Miller (The Dark Knight Returns) and writer/producer Tom Wheeler‘s (Puss In Boots) upcoming illustrated young adult (YA) book of the same name, the series highlights the Lady[...]