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Cannes Report: Lawless With Hardy And LaBeouf Is Violent But Stunning
You will find him occasionally tweeting@peter_willis. It seems like Lawless might be a bit of a marmite affair As with Drive 12 months ago, it's dividing critics right down the line On one side it is "boring", "tedious", "just about watchable" On the other, much larger, side it is "stunning", "the best in decades", "immense". And, like[...]
10 Thoughts About The Lawless Trailer
Alasdair Stuart writes for Bleeding Cool. The trailer for Lawless, the new John Hillcoat movie, is here and it's exactly as full of grimy faced men and grungy-nosed violence as you'd expect There's the same sense of suspended horror, of the second when violence is inevitable but not quite here that his other films have too, but[...]