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Vampirella In A Steampunk World
If you picked up last week's The Precinct from Dynamite Entertainment, then you might want to take a look at the Legenderry: Vampirella trade by David Avallone and David T Cabrera Both series are set in the Legenderry universe created by Bill Willingham using the various characters from Dynamite's publishing line Where The Precinct focuses[...]
Writer's Commentary – Legenderry: Vampirella #5 By David Avallone
Writer's commentary by David Avallone for Legenderry: Vampirella #5 Legenderry: Vampirella was my first series as a comic book writer, and I have to thank Allison Baker, Chris Roberson, Bill Willingham and Joseph Rybandt for pushing me to do it, recommending me for it, and having the faith that I could pull it off I hope[...]
David Avallone Talks About Wrapping Up Legenderry: Vampirella
Cover art by Sergio Davila. KEITH DAVIDSEN: With the five-issue LEGENDERRY: VAMPIRELLA series now complete, when you look back at its development — what was your original vision, and did the end result fulfill that vision, or evolve into something slightly different? DAVID AVALLONE: Funny thing… just yesterday I re-read my original pitch just to see[...]
David T. Cabrera's Art On Legenderry: Vampirella #5
Plus, Black Mass returns, truths are revealed, and election results are questioned. For more on Legenderry: Vampirella #5, click here. This week from Dynamite saw the release of the fifth and final issue of the Legenderry Vampirella miniseries From the story written by David Avallone we have a couple pages of process art[...]
Legenderry: Vampirella #3 – Writer's Commentary By David Avallone
Writer David Avallone provides a commentary for Legenderry: Vampirella #3 that he did with artist David Cabrera. Some background thoughts on Chapter Three… We're at the mid-point of my five-issue Vampirella epic, set in Bill Willingham's world of Legenderry. First, the cover It is a fine tradition of comic books that the scene depicted does not occur inside[...]
Exclusive Early Look At Pages From Legenderry: Vampirella #2
We have an exclusive first look at some of the interior pages for Legenderry: Vampirella #2 by artist David Cabrera The series is a spinoff of last years hit Dynamite series Legenderry: A Steampunk Adventure created by Bill Willingham This miniseries is being written by David Avallone. For more information on Legenderry: Vampirella, click here. [...]
Exclusive Extended Previews of King: Flash Gordon, Legenderry: Vampirella And More
That's the second issues of King: Flash Gordon, Legenderry: Vampirella and Pathfinder: Origins and the fourth issue of Shaft. KING: Flash Gordon #2 Ben Acker, Ben Blacker (w) Lee Ferguson (a) Chip Zdarsky (c) DEADLY CAPTURE! Things are dire MASSIVE explosions and DOUBLE-CROSSES have forced Flash Gordon & Dale Arden & Professor Zarkov to take drastic action…it's time[...]
Exclusive First Look At Legenderry Spinoff Series Shipping In May From Dynamite
Here we have the covers a solicitations for the penultimate issues of Legenderry: Green Hornet by Daryl Gregor and Brent Peeples, Legenderry: Red Sonja by Marc Andreyko and Aneke and Legenderry: Vampirella by David Avallone and David Cabrera LEGENDERRY: GREEN HORNET #4 (OF 5) Cover A Main: Sergio Davila Writer: Daryl Gregory Art: Brent Peeples Green Hornet and Kato[...]
David Avallone Shows Us How He Sees A Page He Wrote
David Avallone is the writer on Dynamite's new series Legenderry: Vampirella We show the artistic process all the time how a penciller goes from thumbnails to finished work and so on Well, here we have something really unique It seems that Avallone sometimes likes to sketch out his own thumbnails for a page he has[...]
Exclusive Extended Previews For Django/Zorro, Shaft, Lady Demon And More
We have the debuts of King: Jungle Jim and Legenderry: Vampirella, the second issue of Lady Demon and the third issues of Django / Zorro and Shaft. Django / Zorro #3 Quentin Tarantino, Matt Wagner (w) Esteve Polls (a) Jae Lee, Francesco Francavilla, Mike Mayhew (c) Our heroes finally arrive in Phoenix and their first encounter with the[...]