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Apple TV+ is Rotten at the Core Before it Even Launches [Opinion]
Why do they think we should care about these privileged, overpaid TV people? Emily Dickinson's Teenage Apocalypse can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Dickinson — Official Teaser Trailer | Apple TV+ ( Emily Dickinson? Didn't she hack up her folks with an axe? No, wait, that was Lizzie Borden[...]
First Trailer for Kristen Stewart, Chloë Sevigny Thriller 'Lizzie' Hits, With an Axe
The first trailer for the upcoming new retelling of the infamous Borden family murders (by axe) Lizzie is here, and we've got to say, it certainly looks interesting. Chloë Sevigny is Lizzie Borden, and Kristen Stewart is the Borden family's new housemaid who has a relationship with Lizze, and you can see from the trailer the tone the[...]
There Are Now Not One But Two Treasury Of Victorian Murder Compendiums
They range from the story of Lizzie Borden (subject of many a badly-reconstructed television documentary episodes), to "The Mystery of Mary Rogers", "The Saga of Bloody Benders", "The Cast of Madeleine Smith" and "The Murder of Abraham Lincoln". Lizzie Borden's story comes with an introduction, extensive bibliography, notes, and even a massively extensive selection of reproduced[...]