Funko SDCC Exclusives Wave 9: A Bunch Of Everything!

Seuss Lorax Pop (Flocked)Masters of the Universe Scare Glow Pop (Glow In The Dark)Funko Rock Candy She-RaDorbz Ridez Masters of the Universe Skeltor with PanthorMighty Morphin Power Rangers Megazord Deluxe Pop The Megazord has been long-rumored to be one of their exclusives since pictures of it leaked a couple months ago, and people were pretty excited[...]

ShiftyLook Comes To London. With A Few Friends.

Next weekend, Britain's lergest comics conventuion, the MCM London Expo, have basically handed over the comics side to ShiftyLook.They've brought in creators such as Marv Wolfman, Ben McCool, Dean Haspiel, Matt Moylan, Dax Gordine and Jim Zubkavich to the UK - including the launch of Wolfman's comic for ShiftyLook on Friday in their panel at[...]

Taylor Swift Is… Joni Mitchell? I Don't See It

Swift did some voice work in The Lorax, which I haven't seen, but appeared on screen in Valentine's Day and, well, it was the kind of performance that film deserved.Taylor Swift as Joni Mitchell? I'm scratching my head.But I'm a big House fan, love Mitchell, Simon and King, think John Sayles is one of the[...]

The Lorax Sells Out, Pimps SUVs

Seuss spinning in his grave so much he becomes a source of clean energy, his little hairy environmentalist The Lorax has just sold out in the most horrendous way Check this out:[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrvg33vkdFI[/youtube]So, this is an SUV, hardly one of the most fuel efficient types of vehicle in existence[...]

Superbowl Trailer And Clip From The Lorax

Here's the full Superbowl trailer for The Lorax, another Dr Seuss CG toon, this time with Danny De Vito typecast as a little hairy fellow.And now, a clip.Here's the full Superbowl trailer for The Lorax, another Dr Seuss CG toon, this time with Danny De Vito typecast as a little hairy fellow.And now, a[...]

VIDEOS: The Lorax Wants You To Discover The Forest

Seuss' The Lorax is a spokesman for the trees, standing up against the forest-felling Once-ler In these new videos, he brings his campaign to us, the real people, outside of his fiction.These are PSA clips from the USDA Forest Service, seeking to connect children with nature so that they might love it, and not just[...]

Work-In-Progress Trailer For The Lorax

The loud zaniness has come easily, the wild invention less so and the sincerity and heart have, so far, been largely lost in translation.This first look at footage from The Lorax is a work-in-progress trailer, persumably leaked but possibly released officially in China, for some obscure reason.The film is being produced by Illumination, previously responsible[...]

Danny De Vito Typecast Again, As The Lorax

You'd have thought that CGI animation may have given Danny De Vito a new lease on life with a wider ranger of characters.You'd have thought wrong.USA Today report that De Vito has been cast as the voice of Dr Seuss' The Lorax, in a new production from Illumination Entertainment, the same team who created Despicable[...]