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The Flash #53 cover by Dan Mora
The ending of the issue straddles the line between body horror and camp, and it doesn't quite succeed at either. The Flash #53 art by Christian Duce and Luis Guerrero Christian Duce delivers excellent visuals to this comic Flash #53 has extensive detailing, a nice and distinct look for its title character, and Duce's touches to the[...]
The Flash #51 cover by Howard Porter and Hi-Fi
The tone and melodrama are handled well too, never verging into the realm of wailing and gnashing of teeth. The Flash #51 art by Scott Kolins and Luis Guerrero Scott Kolins returns to the book after a long absence He has a great affinity for the characters and the world This book has a lot going on[...]
Rivers of London: Water Weed #1 cover by Alex Ronald
Also, the comic can't seem to decide whether it's okay with weed. Rivers of London: Water Weed #1 art by Lee Sullivan, Luis Guerrero, and Memo Regalado The artwork isn't stellar either The world has a mundane visual design It doesn't look bad at any point, but there's nothing visually grabbing about the aesthetic either The sisters[...]
Titans Special #1 cover by Brandon Peterson
The friendship angle to the previous Titans lineup will be missed, but I look forward to how Dan Abnett makes the new chemistry work. Titans Special #1 art by Sergio Davila, Vicente Cifuentes, and Luis Guerrero A slew of artists and color artists contributed to this comic, and to break down each artist's work would take up[...]
Flash #46 cover by Dan Panosian
His timeline doesn't line up with that of the main comic, and this issue doesn't quite do a good enough job of explaining that. The Flash #46 art by Scott Kolins and Luis Guerrero Scott Kolins's artwork has always fit Flash quite well, and that is no different in this installment His highly stylized work is suited to[...]