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Mad Max: Fury Road Lives Again In Black & Chrome Edition

Home Entertainment has announced it will re-release Mad Max: Fury Road in its mythic black & white edition as part of a new release of the Mad Max series.Coming Soon reports the new set will be called The Mad Max High Octane Collection and contain all four films plus five hours of bonus features[...]

Lying In The Gutters – 29th February 2016 – Leap Forward

Lots of celebration of Mad Max: Fury Road the film Which helps everyone forget the reaction to the comic...Last weekend saw four major comic book events occurring simultaneously, two of them in Portland alone This weekend.. it was a little quieter Which is handy when you're boiling sheets due to a combination of scarlet fever[...]

George Miller May Yet Direct Another Mad Max

While responding to the news of his best director nomination and the film's nod for best picture -- among ten other nominations -- Mad Max: Fury Road's George Miller clarified that he would be interested in making another film in the post-apocalyptic series He just wants to wait a while before pursuing the Road Warrior[...]

George Miller Done With Mad Max?

According to Page Six (via The Wrap), Mad Max: Fury Road director George Miller says he is done with road warrior and his desert wasteland."I’ve shot in Australia in a field of wild flowers and flat red earth when it rained heavily forever," he reportedly said "We had to wait 18 months and every return[...]

Bleeding Cool's Game Of The Year Selection: #35-#18

It may even be the very best city management game ever made, and that is high praise indeed.#32: Mad MaxMad Max, thanks to Fury Road, has been catapulted back into the public consciousness in the last year With that in mind, if you want Mad Max in game form…well, Mad Max will fit the bill[...]

George Miller Clarifies Mad Max Sequel Plans; Tom Hardy To Return

Explaining that "the more I speculate about what’s happening, the more I try to avoid spoilers this far out, and also I find myself talking around in circles," Mad Max: Fury Road director George Miller offered Deadline a clarification to the potential for sequels to last summer's Mad Max installment."The best thing I can say[...]

Comikaze 2015: Fifth Year of Stan Lee's Con Opens This Halloween Weekend

I saw characters from more recent films Mad Max and Guardian of the Galaxy, and was happy to see my personal favorite, Judge Dredd from Dredd (2012) However, there were some surprises: Marge Simpson and Ted from Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. With a couple of hours left the first day, I attended the panel Fairy[...]

George Miller Selects Himself Out Of Man Of Steel 2 Running

Here's the video:"I hope the next film I make is a very small film without any special effects and not many stunts," says the Mad Max director After the long path to getting Mad Max: Fury Road to the screen, I don't blame him wanting to do something much more contained.On the Man of Steel[...]

Mad Max Review – This Engine Roars Impressively But Needs More Bite

Mad Max is a 'ferocious' series That word perfectly encapsulates the franchise's focus on a hostile wasteland, punk styling and weathered but powerful muscle cars Everything fits together as a cohesive whole, and it's some of the more striking post-apocalyptic imagery of yesteryear In a lot of ways, that's what Mad Max, the new game[...]

Complex Female Protagonists In Hollywood? 'They're Taking Pitches, Today.'

Every meeting — every single one — opened with them saying they were interested in ‘complex female protagonists.’ Thank you Cookie [“Empire”] and thank you Furiosa [“Mad Max Fury Road”]! When something makes money, all of the sudden there are conversations to be had and [Hollywood executives] will tell you how much they’ve been wanting to[...]

The Mad Max Game Takes You Down The Fury Road

if you spend the weekend watching Mad Max: Fury Road and then the rest of the time playing the Mad Max video game.. you may just end up having a lot of violent urges while driving to work on Monday morning The guys at Avalanche Studios did an amazing job of bringing the cinematic world[...]

Mad Max Gets Exclusive Hood Ornaments On PlayStation 4 In New Trailer

I mean, Hawkmoon in Destiny is one of the big console exclusive content I've chased in the last few years, but usually it doesn't amount to much.And thus we come to Mad Max's exclusive PlayStation 4 content In this new trailer it is shown off that the game has 12 hood ornaments that you can[...]

New Mad Max TV Spot Focuses On The Car Carnage To Come

It's interesting to see Mad Max has held firm in its position to come out the same day as Metal Gear Solid V It's a bold move, but looking at the calendar, I think it is the most logical choice to stick to their guns Hopefully if the game is good, it will speak for[...]

Watch Over 70 Minutes Of Mad Max Gameplay

Mad Max has a tall order coming up against Metal Gear Solid V on September 1st Although, I'm beginning to think Avalanche are very confident in this game, which is a good sign They've held their ground on that release date and have posted a ton of the game unedited online.And here is another instance[...]

Catch Over An Hour Of Mad Max Gameplay Footage

Mad Max up until this point had been somewhat of an unknown quantity if you are out in the public I caught it at E3 and even then I came away a little undecided The driving is super fun, but the jury is still out on the on-foot exploration and combat. Well, here is a bunch[...]