Mad Max Gets Exclusive Hood Ornaments On PlayStation 4 In New Trailer

Console exclusive content is usually a little silly, and amounts to little but tat. I mean, Hawkmoon in Destiny is one of the big console exclusive content I've chased in the last few years, but usually it doesn't amount to much.

And thus we come to Mad Max's exclusive PlayStation 4 content. In this new trailer it is shown off that the game has 12 hood ornaments that you can only get on the PlayStation (until at least November 30th.) While probably not enough to sway anyone to pick up a new console or anything, I suppose it's a nice incentive for PlayStation 4 players.

Honestly, this is probably for the best. I think that console exclusive content is silly and is not good for anyone but the console holders. At least this time, it is just extra tat and not huge modes or content central to the game.

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