Complex Female Protagonists In Hollywood? 'They're Taking Pitches, Today.'

11151005_10153662973687835_6903063355722676210_nA discussion at DragonCon enitled Race, Gender, and Sexuality in Contemporary Comics, consisting of Kelly Sue DeConnick, Laurenn McCubbins, Damien Williams, John Flowers, Tini Howard, Kari Storla, and Daniel Amrhein had many highlights. You can read a number of them here. 

DeConnick has been having meetings with network executives who are suddenly saying that they're looking for complex female protagonists, and she finds that to be "thank-you Cookie (from Empire), is one big part of it, and thank-you Furiosa is the other part." Once something makes money, there are conversations to be had; people will suddenly realize that they wanted this "for a long time," as the dollars begin to appear. The way to find a home for things in the big media world is monetary, fortunately or not. Carol Corps are a prime example of how money talks; they bought a lot of things, mostly T-shirts, and Marvel took notice.

As to the meetings with network executives, HitFix reports,

"I just did a bunch of meetings in Hollywood. Every meeting — every single one — opened with them saying they were interested in 'complex female protagonists.' Thank you Cookie ["Empire"] and thank you Furiosa ["Mad Max Fury Road"]! When something makes money, all of the sudden there are conversations to be had and [Hollywood executives] will tell you how much they've been wanting to do it 'for a long time'. They are taking pitches now. Today."

Screenwriters? Time to dust off your "It's like X meets Thelma & Louise" pitches that no one was interested in?

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