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Marvel Cancels Hellions in December, Will Bring Back Goblin Queen
But before the beloved title says goodbye, it will leave us one last parting gift: the return of Madelyne Pryor! Now that's how you leave 'em wanting more! A press release tells us: One of the most buzzed about X-Men titles on stands today, Zeb Wells and Stephen Segovia's HELLIONS has delivered a dramatic and action-packed examination[...]
Who Won The Columbia 10-Speed Racer On Avengers Annual #10?
And featuring the first appearance of the X-Men characters, Rogue and Madelyne Pryor. Who Won The Columbia 10-Speed Racer On Avengers Annual #10? Not that you'd recognise them so much Rogue first appears as a villain, part of the Brotherhood Of Evil Mutants Who had just put Carol Danvers into a coma, by stealing her powers and[...]
Okay, We Think We've Worked Out Who Is Getting Resurrected At Marvel
But Bleeding Cool is putting it's money where our mouth is. It's the return of Madelyne Pryor. Mister Sinister clone of Jean Grey, wife of Cyclops, mother of Cable, and the Goblin Queen. As the REd Queen, she was a leader of the Sisterhood Of Mutants before and currently, in X-Men, Lady Deathstrike is reforming them in X-Men[...]