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No 30 Marvel Titles Will Not Be Cancelled Based On Aprils Sales Numbers

No, 30 Marvel Titles Will Not Be Cancelled Based On April's Sales Numbers

And in many cases, Marvel has already course corrected, with a big X-Men relaunch earlier this year and plans for Marvel Legacy and Make Mine Marvel planned for later this year, after Secret Empire (whose Captain Nazi storyline and vitriolic defense from Marvel staff on social media certainly has nothing to do with low sales, right?), bringing back[...]

The Bleeding Cool Readers Guide To Understanding Marvels Legacy Numbers

The Bleeding Cool Reader's Guide To Understanding Marvel's Legacy Numbers

With the recently revealed news that Marvel is planning to relaunch many of its books as part of a "meat and potatoes" initiative this Fall titled "Make Mine Marvel" that will see comics return to their original legacy numbering, we here at Bleeding Cool realize that many readers will probably find this news confusing and scary[...]