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False Advertising in Next Week's Man Without Fear #5
Man Without Fear is a five-issue weekly mini-series meant to carry the Daredevil franchise through January as Marvel preps a big reboot The premise is simple Daredevil, utterly broken by the cancellation of his Netflix show, heads to a hospital to recover and show why he is known as the titular Man Without Fear. But as[...]
How to Smell Like the Kingpin in Next Week's Man Without Fear #3
He's a wildly successful businessman turned Mayor of New York City, the envy of millions, and quite handsome to boot! Who wouldn't want to emulate Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin? Now, you can, as next week's issue of Man Without Fear reveals the secret to smelling just like The Kingpin Matt Murdock is laid out in[...]
Iron Fist Advocates for Free Market Healthcare in Next Week's Man Without Fear #3
But Luke Cage disagrees. See it all in the preview below, and in Man Without Fear #3, which hits stores next Wednesday. Man Without Fear #3 (W) Jed MacKay (A) Iban Coello (CA) Kyle Hotz Daredevil is gone, but Hell's Kitchen is still a place of heroes and villains Foggy Nelson (issue #1), the Defenders (issue #2), the many[...]
Blindspot Has the Cynicism of a Comic Book Reader in Next Week's Man Without Fear #2
In next week's Man Without Fear #2, Daredevil is still reeling from that whole Netflix cancellation thing (we assume that's the reason) In fact, he's so distraught, he's given up being Daredevil for good For real this time No more Daredevil Definitely permanent The Daredevil universe will never be the same again! Except, Blindspot is feeling[...]
Here's All 5 Kyle Hotz Covers to The Man Without Fear
Marvel Comics has released all 5 covers to January's weekly Man Without Fear series, dealing with the events in Hell's Kitchen while Daredevil is "dead," that is, busy starring in the Marvel Knights 20th anniversary mini-series ahead of his next reboot Though you might be inclined to think he dies a gruesome death from looking[...]