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Mao: Rumiko Takahashi Plays it Straight and Spooky This Time
Mao is the latest manga by the prolific Rumiko Takahashi, arguably the most successful female comics creator in the world She recently finished the teen exorcist comedy manga Rin-ne and plays it straight this time. "Mao Vol 1" cover art courtesy of Viz Media. High schooler Nanoka, she of the tragic backstory where she miraculously survived a[...]
Mao: Viz Media Premieres New Rumiko Takahashi Manga Series!
Now, fans can time travel again with the new fantasy series Mao! "Mao Vol 1" by Rumiko Takahashi, cover courtesy of Viz Media. It's the Taisho Era, and Japan's roaring 20s are here! Modern-day schoolgirl Nanoka stumbles into a world of Japan's beginning modernism with Western clothing styles and European cafes Something dreadful about this world lies as[...]