March 2018

Doctor Who and Tank Girl Celebrate Free Comic Book Day: Titan Comics March 2018 Solicits

Doctor Who and Tank Girl are getting Free Comic Book Day 2018 releases. Bloodborne, Warhammer, and others continue their runs. Sea of Thieves and Factory begin their anticipated starts. All these and more are being offered through the Titan Comics March 2018 solicits. Details below. JAN180011 FCBD 2018 DOCTOR WHO #0 The all-new Doctor Who starts here! Don't miss out on Titan's colossal plans […]

American Mythology

The Widow Returns and Days Missing Concludes: American Mythology March 2018 Solicits

The classic horror series The Widow is receiving a reprint courtesy of American Mythology. Plus, Phil Hester, Jeremy Rock, and Dale Keown's Days Missing reaches the end of its saga. More details below.   JAN181157 THE THREE STOOGES TP VOL 02 (W) S.A. Check (A) Brendon Fraim, Brian Fraim Get more nyuks for your bucks with The Three Stooges Vol 2 […]

Aspen comics

Jirni Returns, Mindfield and Psycho Bonkers Get Vol 1. Releases: Aspen March 2018 Solicits

Jirni returns for Vol. 3. Shrugged and Charismagic continue their new runs. World of Aspen comes out for Free Comic Book Day 2018. Psycho Bonkers and Mindfield each get Volume 1 releases. More details are available below. JAN180017 FCBD 2018 WORLDS OF ASPEN ANNIV ED (W) J. T. Krul, Jordan Gunderson (A) Alex Konat, Jordan Gunderson (CA) John Starr Celebrate 15 years of publishing with Aspen […]

Heavy Metal Magazine

Grant Morrison Talks Fetish: Heavy Metal March 2018 Solicits

Heavy Metal Magazine editor-in-chief and comics legend Grant Morrison talks fetish in the March 2018 issue. JAN181738 HEAVY METAL #291 (MR) (C: 0-1-0) (W/A) Various The Fetish Issue! Editor-In-Chief Grant Morrison serves up a new selection of fetish related tales written by an international group of talented creators. Creators MF Wilson, James Harvey, and the master himself, Grant […]

First Second March 2018 Solicits: Comics Friends Forever Plus New Graphic Novels

Comics Friends Forever is a celebration of comics being published by First Second Comics for Free Comic Book Day 2018. Plus, new graphic novels Brazen, New Shoes, and, Science Comics: Robots & Drones. All of this is brought to you by their March 2018 solicits. Details below. JAN180005 FCBD 2018 COMICS FRIENDS FOREVER (A) Vera Brosgol & Various […]

Chapterhouse March 2018 Solicits: Die Kitty Die and Invasion on FCBD 2018

Die Kitty Die comes back for Free Comic Book Day 2018, plus Van Jensen and Leonard Kirk bring you Invasion for Free Comic Book Day. Freelance and Fantomah continue their runs. All this is from Chapterhouse's March 2018 solicits. More details below. JAN180021 FCBD 2018 DIE KITTY DIE I LOVE YOU TO DEATH Kitty is dead… and Free Comic Book Day is just not the same […]

FCBD Nightmare Before Christmas Zero's Journey #0: Tokyopop March 2018 Solicits

For Free Comic Book Day 2018, Tokyopop is bringing out Nightmare Before Christmas: Zero's Journey #0 by Dj Mikly and Kei Ishiyama. Plus Goldfisch Manga gets a second volume and the Disney Fairies Manga gets a fifth volume. JAN180043 FCBD 2018 NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS ZEROS JOURNEY #0 (W) Dj Milky (A/CA) Kei Ishiyama When Jack Skellington's faithful pet Zero gets lost, the ghost pup […]

FCBD Wor World Saga Preview, New Series Infinty 8 and Eternity, and MorLion Forge March 2018 Solicit

Worm World Saga gets a preview issue for Free Comic Book Day 2018. New series Infinity 8, from creators Lewis Trondheim, Zep, and Dominique Bertail, and Eternity, from creators Art Baltazar, Franco, and Chris Giarusso. Graphic novel Puerto Rico Strong, by creators Vita Ayala, Rosa Colon, and Naomi Franquiz, and Lost Path, from creator Amelie Flechais, get releases. Voltron: Legendary Defender Vol. 3 kicks off. Plus, the Catalyst Prime family of books continues with creators such as the talented David […]

FCBD Ariel Spotlight Rerelease and Princess and the Frog One-Shot: Joe Books March 2018 Solicits

Joe Books' Disney Princess: Ariel Spotlight by Paul Benjamin, Amy Mebberson, and more is getting a re-release for Free Comic Book Day 2018. Plus, The Princess and the Frog is getting a one-shot, and Riftworld Legends continues with its second issue. Check out the details below. JAN180008 FCBD 2018 DISNEY PRINCESS ARIEL SPOTLIGHT (W) Paul Benjamin & Various (A) Amy Mebberson & Various […]

Grimm Fairy Tales' Tales of Terror and Dance of the Dead: Zenescope March 2018 Solicits

Grimm Fairy Tales: Tales of Terror, by Joe Brusha and Eric J, the Dance of the Dead TPB, by Anne Toole, Enn, and Fritz Casas, are coming out in March of 2018 by Zenescope. Plus, Robyn Hood, Peek a Boo, and Musketeers continue their runs. More details below. JAN182105 GFT TALES OF TERROR VOL 4 #1 (W) Joe Brusha (CA) Eric J The hit Zenescope horror series is back, […]

luke cage david f. walker

David F. Walker Confirms Luke Cage's Cancellation Due to Poor Sales

Writer David F. Walker just confirmed that Marvel's Luke Cage title will be cancelled after February. We at Bleeding Cool were already speculating this due to its noticeable absence from the Marvel March 2018 solicits, and Walker just made it official on Twitter. Sad but true…LUKE CAGE (the comic book, not the TV series) has been cancelled. Issue #10 […]

Cult Classic Return to Whisper #2- Vault Comics March 2018 Solicits

Cult Classic: Return to Whisper #2 is being released by Vault Comics. This comic is coming courtesy of Eliot Rahal (Concrete, Paybacks, the Doorman) and Felipe Cunha (Turok, Flash Gordon, Mandrake the Magician). More details available below.   Cult Classic: Return To Whisper #2  Writer: Eliot Rahal Artist: Felipe Cunha Colorist: Dee Cunniffe Letterer: Taylor Esposito Cover A: Irene Koh […]

New Series Shadowman by Andy Diggle and Stephen Segovia- Valiant March 2018 Solicits

New series Shadowman, by creators Andy Diggle and Stephen Segovia, is being released by Valiant Entertainment. This is accompanied by the regular slew of titles like X-O Manowar, Bloodshot: Salvation, Ninja-K, and more, all featured in Valiant's March 2018 solicits. More details below. SHADOWMAN (2018) #1 Written by ANDY DIGGLE Art by STEPHEN SEGOVIA Cover A by TONCI ZONJIC Cover B by RENATO […]

The Ballad of Sang and the Vindicators Arrive: Oni Press March 2018 Solicits

The Vindicators of Rick and Morty are getting their own comic thanks to J. Torres and CJ Cannon. Also, The Ballad of Sang is starting from creators Ed Brisson and Alessandro Micelli. Both are coming out through Oni Press solicits for the March of 2018.   THE BALLAD OF SANG #1 ED BRISSON (W) ALESSANDRO MICELLI (A/CA) SHARI CHANKHAMMA (C/CA) 32 Pages, $3.99, RELEASE DATE: 03/07/18, […]

The Mighty Crusaders Versus the Eliminators Continues- Dark Circle March 2018 Solicits

The battle between the Mighty Crusaders and the Eliminators continues in the March 2018 solcits of Dark Cirlce Comics. The comic is written by Ian Flynn with art by Kelsey Shannon, Matt Herms, and Jack Morelli. More details are available below. MIGHTY CRUSADERS #4 The epic battle rages on! It's Eliminators vs. the remaining Crusaders who aren't under […]

Cosmo Flies, Vampironica Returns, and so does Your Pal Archie- Archie March 2018 Solicits

The new action series, Cosmo, continus its run, Riverdale gets a Free Comic Book Day release, Vampironica returns as well as Your Pal Archie, and Archie gets a 1000-page collection release. All this and more comes from the Archie Comics March 2018 solicitations. Details below. FCBD 2018 –  RIVERDALE Set in the same universe as the hit CW series, this issue gives us […]

Aftershock Comics March 2018

Betrothed Begins and Jimmy's Bastards Enters its Finale: Aftershock March 2018 Solicits

Sean Lewis and Steve Uy bring you the new sci-fi series Betrothed, Garth Ennis and Russ Braun's Jimmy's Bastards enters its final act, and the young series Monstro Mechanica by Paul Allor and Chris Evenhuis and Cold War by Christopher Sebela and Hayden Sherman continue their runs. This all comes to you courtesy of Aftershock's March 2018 solicits. More details are available below. ANIMOSITY #13 / $3.99 / 32 pages / Color / on sale 03.21.18 writer: […]