Wally Wood's Cannon Reprinted by Fantagraphics March 2018 Solicits

Cannon, and old serial by Wally Wood is being reprinted in a collection for purchase by Fantagraphics in the coming March of 2018. Plus, We Ate Wonderbread is being put out by cartoonist Nicole Hollander. Plus, Mudbite, Land of the Sons, and more. Read more details below.

by Dave Cooper
$19.99 / HC / 72 pgs / FC / 11.75 x 7.35
Eddy Table first appeared in Dave Cooper's award-winning underground comics series, Weasel and Mudbite compiles two all-new Eddy Table stories. In "Mud River," Eddy can't resist taking advantage of an Amazon who has received a bonk on the head, even as a river of mud approaches. In "Bug Bite," Eddy gets distracted and misplaces his family whilst on vacation in Europe, ending up in a dark corridor inhabited by slimy black eels. Mudbite marks the first new graphic novel by fan favorite Dave Cooper in more than 15 years, marking a welcome return to the medium.

by Wallace Wood
$35.00 / 296 pgs / BW / 11 x 7
Meet John Cannon, America's answer to James Bond. Under the employ of the CIA, Cannon endures nude torture by beautiful women, explosive gunplay, naked catfights, bone-crunching plastic surgery, Hitler, nihilistic lovemaking, Weasel the spy, naked women, death from above, and more naked women! Because Cannon first appeared in the US military newspaper Overseas Weekly in the 1960s, it was not subject to the usual editorial censorship and legendary artist Wallace Wood took full advantage, producing a Cold War spy serial rife with sex and violence in an effort to support our troops!

by Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez
$4.99 / Comic / 36 pgs / 8.5 x 11
The all-new fifth issue finally reveals what happened between Eugene, Maggie, and Hopey at the end of issue #3! Meanwhile, following Gilbert's return to Palomar in issue #4, Fritz's daughter Rosey stays home alone in Mom's mansion for a week, and as expected, idle hands are the devil's workshop! Find out why Love and Rockets is often referred to as the greatest comic book series of all time!

by Nicole Hollander; introduction by Alison Bechdel
$22.99 / SC / 160 pgs / FC / 8 x 11
We Ate Wonder Bread is veteran cartoonist Nicole Hollander's (Sylvia) first graphic novel, a coming-of-age story set in Chicago starring the gangsters, the bed bugs, the Catholic girls, the police, the jukebox, the fortune teller, and the family's blue Hudson. Not only does this illustrated memoir give insight into how Hollander developed her style and wit, it's also a chronicle of a Chicago community that has since disappeared into an expressway.

by Lawrence "Rawdog" Hubbard and William "Master of Chaos" Clausen
$8.00 / Comic / 24pgs / BW / 8.5 x 10
Lawrence Rawdog Hubbard and crew are back and slangin dope new comix to wake you the @#$%&! up! Draw down with G.C. in "Psyops" and raise your fist in the air for the final chapter of "Planet Dregs"! Forever shout out to H.P. Dr. Chronic Mc Elwee, RIP!

by Gipi
$29.99 /HC / 288 pgs / BW / 6 x 9
Land of the Sons is Gipi's most artistically accomplished work to date, juxtaposing the stark savagery of the post-apocalyptic narrative with the Italian master's dense and expressive line work. While similar tonally, Sons, unlike Lord of the Flies, lays the groundwork for humanity overcoming sheer brutality and personal desires, while commenting on the fragile state of masculinity and human nature itself.

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