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Fear The Walking Dead Will Need A New Showrunner
"I look forward to completing work on season three, sharing it with the fans and developing new projects with my partners at AMC." Before signing on to Fear, Erickson had worked on Marco Polo, Sons of Anarchy and Low Winter Sun. Fear The Walking Dead will be going into its third season later this year and[...]
Netflix's Stranger Things Video Game Is Appropriately 8-Bits
Following up on the slew of 8-bit related fan videos on Youtube, the company has developed an 8-bit game that stars Mike Wheeler and other Netflix heroes like Marco Polo, Pablo Escobar and Piper Chapman The free to play game has four levels based on their series Stranger Things, Narcos, Orange is the New Black[...]
Netflix Cancels Marco Polo Historical Drama After 2 Seasons
While a bit of a disappointment, the news should surprise exactly no one that Netflix has scuttled their historical drama series Marco Polo after just two seasons Opening in 2014, it was the first Netflix series developed in the US for both domestic and international distribution. Created by John Fusco, the series is a grand-scale period piece[...]
Mongol Strike – Netflix Uses Video Game Format To Promote Marco Polo
The second season of Marco Polo starts today on Netflix and stars Benedict Wong, Lorenzo Richelmy, Michelle Yeoh, Joan Chen, Tom Wu and Gabriel Byrne And to show that this is a historical drama mixed with a martial art film, the producers have put together nine different videos showcasing fights from the two seasons done[...]
Season 2 Of Marco Polo Gets Darker
We are two days away from the release of Marco Polo season 2 on Netflix The first season was the first thing I'd ever binge-watched, getting caught up in the first couple episodes late one night after "giving it a try" and finding myself watching the last episode as the sun rose the next day. In[...]
Marco Polo And The War From Within
The first series I ever binge watched was Marco Polo on Netflix I didn't mean to It was an accident It was late, I wanted to watch something to unwind and decided to give the first episode a shot I wasn't sure I liked it, so I tried episode two That led to episode three[...]
One Hundred Eyes' Origin Revealed In Marco Polo Special
It was the first night I'd logged into Netflix at all and they had this new series, Marco Polo I figured I'd watch an episode and see what it was like… what a Netflix original series could be I thought it was okay and probably would have stopped there, but the next episode started a[...]
Richie Rich Debuts On Netflix Tomorrow
Makes you wonder why this one got very little fanfare as opposed to the upcoming Marvel shows or Marco Polo. [youtube][/youtube] Netflix is debuting their full season of Richie Rich tomorrow and released the trailer below The Netflix original series is based on the character who debuted in Harvey Comic's Little Dot #1 back in 1953[...]
Binge Watching Review – Marco Polo
Yesterday I decided I would try and watch the first episode for the Netflix series Marco Polo I watched the opening and then turned it off… wasn't grabbed by it and I had work to do Then about 11 pm I was about to head for bed but decided I should finish off the episode[...]
Netflix's Marco Polo Gets A Trailer
Marco Polo. In a world replete with greed, betrayal, sexual intrigue and rivalry, "Marco Polo" is based on the famed explorer's adventures  in Kublai Khan's court in 13th century China The show stars Italian newcomer Lorenzo Richelmy as 'Marco.' Best known for her role in The Wachowski's "Cloud Atlas," the Beijing-born Zhu Zhu plays Marco's love interest[...]
Doctor Who And The Missing Episodes Of Doom –  What's Happening This Week
Including a competing rumour, nicknamed MEW, that while not dismissing the original, stated that Marco Polo, Enemy Of The World and Web Of Fear had already been received by the BBC and were being remastered for an anniversary release. The Sunday People story, as well as the stories picked up by other press was the Omnirumour,[...]
Two Views On The Doctor Who Missing Episodes
The premier Doctor Who forum, that was birthed by the previous premier Outpost Gallifrey when that site ended. Naturally, they've discussed the Doctor Who Missing Episodes rumour, nicknamed the Omnirumour which encapsulates the belief of some that ninety of so missing episodes of Doctor Who have been recovered – as well as the more recent specific[...]