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Mazebook and Snake Eyes On Next Week's Diamond Previews Covers
Jeff Lemire makes it two for two this month, with his Mazebook series on the front cover of Diamond Previews out next week, with comics and other stuff shipping from September 2021 onwards As Jeff Lemire explores one man's memory and grief in their new Dark Horse Comics' series, Mazebook Though it is not the[...]
Jeff Lemire Mazebook
Bleeding Cool scooped the news on Jeff Lemire's new comic book Mazebook back in November last year Then in January this year, it was made more official when he said, "I do have another original graphic novel coming this Fall I drew this one before I did Sweet Tooth: The Return, but we decided to[...]
Jeff Lemire – Black Hammer Reborn, Mazebook and Madame Dragonfly
It's called MAZEBOOK and we will announce some more details in the Spring. And he is planning to reduce and consolidate his Black Hammer superhero line published by Dark Horse He writes Jeff Lemire: The truth is, I have decided it's time to shrink the Black Hammer Universe back down to one core title All the universe[...]