Mark Millar, MBE, Political Animal At Large

He recently received his MBE (Member of the British Empire) for services to literature And there are suggestions of office in any independent Scottish government.But there's more, he's been taking to Twitter and involving himself in a number of political campaigns And has been getting reaction.Bacause as well as supporting the pro-Scottish independence-pro-European Union SNP,[...]

When Grant Morrison MBE Stripped Queen Elizabeth II Naked

I don't think a writer whose comic books have depicted the Queen, naked and humiliated, along well as the rest of the British Government has ever been offered the MBE before.Still there's a first time for everything I wonder if she'll bring it up at all?Scenes from Vimanarama #2, from DC/Vertigo with Philip Bond on[...]

Grant Morrison Made Member Of The British Empire By The Queen

In the new honours lists, to be presented by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in her Diamond Jubilee year, Grant Morrison is to be given the MBE, Member of the British Empire, as a Comic Book Writer and Playwright for services to Film and Literature.While a number of cartoonists have received this honour before, this[...]