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Abrams Picks Up Meggie Ramm's The Adventures of Batcat Graphic Novels
Meggie Ramm is the creator of new graphic novel series, The Adventures of Batcat A non-binary cartoonist and comic educator, they graduated from California College of the Arts in 2017, worked with Everyday Feminism and Silver Sprocket They are the creator of Stick World, and their anti-anxiety pocketbook You Will Be Okay was published through[...]
Advanced Death Saves
Neves, Ryan Nichols, Russell Nohelty, Yorrick Pack, Adam Pruett Bill Roundy, Giulie Speziani, Fleur Sciortino, Meggie Ramm, AJ Real, Joseph Nathan Smith, Holly Stanton, Vanessa Stefaniuk, Jason Bradley Thompson, Bryan Timmins, Eli Tripoli, Josh Trujillo, Lonny Unitus, Tim Utsler, and Andrew Otis Weiss. Advanced Death Saves is now running on Kickstarter through November 9th! Josh Trujillo[...]