Tuesday Runaround – Sixty Years Of Menace

I have never seen a Voltron toy in my life.l I don'twant to start now.AnniversaryWatch: Dennis The Menace turns 60 years old in The Beano this week And he doesn;t look a day after nine Before Bart, before Cartman, there was the British Debnnis The Menace and his dog Gnasher causing mayhem before getting a[...]

US Postage Stamps – Archie, Garfield And More

These include the Sunday Funnies set, including Beetle Bailey, Calvin And Hobbes, Archie, Garfield and Dennis The Menace.In addition, there is a stamp celebrating the work of wartime enlisted cartoonist Bill Maudlin, whose cartoons about army life, Willie and Joe enducated the audience back home about life in uniform, winning a Pulitzer Prize in the[...]