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Metroid Prime Trilogy Appears To be On The Way In June
Even during a pandemic, retailers leak new info on video games all the time, as is the case this week with the Metroid Prime Trilogy This time around we have to thank Swedish retailer Inet for the leak as they posted a listing for a Nintendo Switch version of the game What's more, the release date[...]
Metroid Prime 4
If you believe the latest rumors surrounding Nintendo properties, it sounds like we may be getting an announcement for a Metroid Prime Trilogy The rumor may have a lot more fact behind it than normal as a Swedish retailer named Inet posted this link to what appears to be a professional cover of the game for the[...]
Sweet Release! Grim Fandango Remastered, Dying Light, Metroid Prime Trilogy, Teslagrad
 However you better keep an eye on the sky, because when the sun goes down, the zombies become faster, stronger, and more aggressive in their pursuit.  Techland created a huge open world environment with a ton of ways to get around and some really impressive looking movement.  Additional modes include four player co-op, and a zombie mode that lets[...]