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The Clock Strikes Midknight
They've launched a new publishing company called Antiis Comics and used Kickstarter to create their first issue of Antiis Comics Presents: Midknight While I was at the Phoenix Comicon, Tom came by and gave me a copy of the book to read and talked to me about the companies plan to create a universe of[...]
Tom Hodges' Midknight #1 Debuted At Phoenix Comicon
"After the first twenty-one issues, there will be a three issue arc with all the heroes introduced in the previous arcs." Hodges has stories plotted for the next several years. The first book in the series, Antiis Comics Presents: Midknight #1, debuted this past weekend at Phoenix ComiCon The initial run includes only 2,000 standard copies[...]
Tom Hodges Launches His Own Comic Label, Antiis Comics
"Midknight", the focus of the first three issue arc, was originally introduced 20 years ago as an ashcan at Mid-Ohio Con "m", the hero in the second story, over 10 years Olympus, just as old as Midknight, just his costume and origin has changed The "Big Bad" at the end of Phase One, I've had[...]