Miraculous Ladybug Comics Double In Size – Now 64 Pages For $3.99

 In July, Action Lab are publishing three issues of their Miraculous comic book series, based on Miraculous Ladybug and Cat Noir cartoons running on Nickeloden.Well, they have now just doubled the size of each, so each issue is 64 pages long, still for $3.99 Or, for the month, that's almost 200 pages for almost $12.Marinette[...]

Action Lab Announces Two Miraculous Comic Series, Based On Nickelodeon Cartoon, At C2E2

Including the announcement of two new comic books for July based on the new Nickelodeon cartoon Miraculous.They pointed out the show  Is tracking around #3 in kids shows, and is in the top 10 animated series after just 10 weeks after it launched. And that thee's a national advertising push for Miraculous in July... They have a lot of reasons to[...]