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BTS World
BTS stans across the globe, good news! The popular mobile game BTS World — where you can manage BTS' career — has a special May update The loveable, quiet grandpa, Yoongi (also known as Suga) is front and center in a new chapter of Another Story Season 2, which also includes 5-star cards, special events,[...]
[REVIEW] is Weirdly Addicting for a Game About Shark Murder
Unlike, Jaws isn't a battle royale so you do come back to life after you die. Players can be taken out by the shark player or by other fishing boats, if they're run into by a larger-sized boat. You can check out the official game trailer for a look at the gameplay and some of the skins you[...]
Mobile Game Pigeon Pop Gets Caught Stealing Artwork
A lesson that a mobile game called Pigeon Pop is learning in a very public way Released about a week ago, the game is a very simplistic title where you move a bird's head to eat food A free and kind of unremarkable game but with a $2 in-game option for no ads The reason[...]
Ramjet Transformers Forged To Fight 2
Ramjet is making quite the grand entrance into the Transformers mobile game Forged to Fight The game is available in various app stores and features RPG style gameplay and bots from the 30-year history of the franchise I have the game on my phone, and was shocked how much time I actually spend playing it[...]