'Doctor Who' Series 12: The Real Big Bad Responsible for 2020 Delay

As we all know by now, there won't be a new series of Doctor Who in 2019. Series 12 will begin in early 2020. There's one reason the show has been delayed till 2020: Money. While money is often the reason a show gets pushed back, the BBC works differently from commercial TV networks because […]

So Why Did So Many People Make So Much Money At New York Comic Con?

Talking to publishers, retailers, vendors, creators at New York Comic Con there was one constant. People were making bank. More people were buying more product and there were repeated sellouts throughout the show as time after time sellers underestimated how much they'd be able to sell. So what was going on? Post-recession recovery? The sun […]

Comic Book Creator Gets Paid In Full After Four Years Of Waiting

A few weeks ago, an Indian comic book creator got in touch, telling me that they were at the end of their tether. Still owed $1800 by an American comic book publisher, the company was no longer returning their e-mails. And they had no idea what to do especially as they were in a different […]

Mother's Basement Owes Over £33,000 To Customers… And £4000 To Starburst. So Far.

Richard Lobos has added up up who is owed what by not-actually-bankrupt-yet-but-closing-their-doors statue and toy discount store Mother's Basement. And it's £33,154.78. Full list (so far) below. Some owed more than even Richard Lobos is. But the biggest debtor to go public is Starburst Magazine. On their podcast, editor Mike Royce stated, Now they stopped […]

Thursday Runaround – Three-And-A-Half Million Dollars

FilmWatch: A new movie from Levi Marcelo tells the story of how the comic creators of the Philippines have invaded US comics. It all began in 2005, when Marcelo was working for an OFW newspaper, where she was assigned to write an article on Pinoy comic book artists who were published by big companies like […]

These Star Wars Coins Are Legal Tender… On Niue Island

The New Zealand Mint are readying some sets of legal tender coins in fan-bait Star Wars designs. I'm impressed less by the likeness of the Lucasoids than I am the multi-coloured nature of the coin designs. Why isn't all money this prettied up? I don't know what the regulations on collector coin import-export are, but […]