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Picking Up The Pace In Monkeybrain's Headspace #1
Monkeybrain's Headspace #1 from Ryan K Lindsay and Eric Zawadzki follows that pattern in fairly typical style, introducing our small-town setting – Carpenter Cove – and its world-weary Sheriff Shane He's a lawmaker alright, and a weary one. [*Mild Spoilers Below!] Then 4 pages in, it gets weird. Headspace isn't so much High Noon as it is Sleepy Hollow[...]
Comics Save The Apes – Panels For Primates Is Coming To ComiXology
Now, two anthologies of the digital project edited by Troy Wilson have been collected for sale on ComiXology via Monkeybrain starting November 25th (the second is an all-ages collection, both are available for pre-order now) and the cause can reach a wider audience. Not only that, but contributing writers and artists are a remarkable line-up of[...]
Monkeybrain Thinks Comics Can Be For Kids Again
Recently, a new book created by popular comic book news shovelers Joey Esposito and Ben Bailey aims to put the wonder and innocence back into the medium. Published by the independent spirits over at Monkeybrain Comics, Captain Ultimate is a story about childlike faith In a world full of dark role model heroes, a young boy[...]
Five New Comics From Monkeybrain, Including The Return of Heartbreakers
At this evening's Monkeybrain Comics panel at San Diego Comic Con, they will announce five new series I'm especially pleased to see the return of Anina Bennett and Paul Guinan's Heartbreakers, a series I really enjoyed a decade ago… AVERY FATBOTTOM: RENAISSANCE FAIR DETECTIVE #1, by Jen Vaughn, $.99, ages 15+ CAPTAIN ULTIMATE[...]
Amelia Cole And The Final Order Cut Off Date
Alasdair Stuart writes; I've enjoyed, and continue to enjoy, every book Monkeybrain Comics puts out It's a ridiculously diverse stable of titles, from crime to medieval science fiction and they're all worth checking out For those of you who are still hesitant about digital, the first wave of Monkeybrain books are starting to hit print, and[...]
Five Things About Amelia Cole And The Hidden War
Amelia may not be entirely sure why she's been made Protector but as the second issue ends, it's clear the city is going to need all the protection it can get. Amelia Cole and the Unknown World was one of the stand out titles of Monkeybrain's launch and Hidden War continues that standard The format change,[...]
Six Things About Artful Daggers
Alasdair Stuart writes for Bleeding Cool; The fourth issue of Artful Daggers just came out, which means now's a good time to take a look at one of Monkeybrain's best books Written by Adam P.Knave and Sean E Williams, with art by Andrew Losq, letters by Frank Cvetkovic and logo by BJ Witts it's one of[...]
Pop Culture Hounding Gabriel Hardman
Then we take a look Mike Garley & Martin Simmonds' Eponymous #1, which debuted as part of the recent VS Comics Anthology. From there we turn our attention to the first issue of Gabriel Hardman's solo effort Kinski from Monkeybrain Comics Gabriel & I discuss the art of storyboarding, how the collaborative process differs, applying the[...]
Six Strikes Of The Red Panda
Now, the Red Panda has stepped across to comics, thanks to Monkeybrain and he's at least as much fun in print as he is on the air As for who he is, well, why don't I let the comic tell you that? 1.Anything Can Happen In The Next Few Pages Eccentric millionaire, two-fisted chauffeur sidekick, excitement, adventure,[...]
Review: High Crimes By Christopher Sebela and Ibrahim Moustafa
Nothing here is wasted, every line serves a purpose and that seems eminently appropriate for a book set on Everest.   High Crimes is a Monkeybrain digital comic which means it's a little shorter and a lot cheaper than most print comics Yet another entry in Monkeybrain's diverse and frequently brilliant line it's tightly paced, fantastically drawn[...]
Preview: Edison Rex #5
This week, your comics shop will have a paucity ofcomics in store... but digital comics keep on rolling it seems. Such as Edison Rex #5, not skipping a
Review: Thoughts On A Winter Morning by Kurt Busiek and Steve Lieber
Louis Falcetti writes for Bleeding Cool; Chris Roberson continues to put his money where his mouth is as Monkeybrain Comics rolls out more and more exclusive, digital (creator owned) titles through Comixology Out this week and available for the incredibly fair price of $.99 is Thoughts On A Winter Morning written by Kurt Busiek and illustrated[...]
Seven Things About Amelia Cole And The Unknown World Issue 2
Alasdair Stuart writes for Bleeding Cool Amelia Cole and the Unknown World was one of the launch titles for Monkeybrain Comics The story of a female magician, living between two worlds and trapped on a third, it's written by Adam P Knave and DJ Kirkbride with Nick Brokenshire on art and Rachel Deering lettering It's one[...]
Review: Bandette #1 by Paul Tobin and Colleen Coover from Monkeybrain Comics
It's a three out of five, down from a definite five if it was eight to ten pages longer. Bandette #1 by Paul Tobin and Colleen Coover, published by Monkeybrain Comics and comiXology. Eliot Cole writes for Bleeding Cool: What a wonderful slice of caper brilliance What a shame it is just a slice. I love this book[...]
Monkeybrain Review: Edison Rex by Chris Roberson and Dennis Culver
The book moves from superhero pop art, to silver age nostalgia to genuine copper age ennui, allowing artist Dennis Culver to really shine in depicting the shocked and genuinely freaked out face of an Edison who's plan actually worked. What begins as just another cape and cowls story, quickly hits you (and Edison) with enough shocks[...]
Tuesday Runaround – Monkeybrain NOW!
DigiWatch: After the burst of publicity, Monkeybrain and comiXology have decided to release their initial line of comics a little earlier than planned… as in, right now. ThanosWatch: Marvel has hired Joe Keatinge and Richard Elson to write a new Thanos five issue story starting in November, Thanos: Son of Titan, looking at the character's early[...]
Monkeybrain – A Digital Image Comics For The Twenty-First Century
Today, it's been announced that Chris Roberson and Allison Baker are launching a new comic book publisher, Monkeybrain Comics, exclusively through comiXology. Creators for the new publisher, as well as Chris Roberson of course, include Grace Allison, Nick Brokenshire, J Bone, Chad Bowers, Wook-Jin Clark, Colleen Coover, Kevin Church, Dennis Culver, Matt Digges, Ming Doyle, Curt[...]