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The Power And The Morning Glory – Talking To Joe Eisma
Joseph Kyle Schmidt talked to Joe Eisma. No stranger to scrutiny, Joe Eisma can withstand the pressures of penciling a book like Morning Glories Even then, a guy's liable can get nervous from time to time. "Every issue has some kind of, at least one major shocking scene," Joe says.  "I wonder how people are going to[...]
Talking To Nick Spencer About Bedlam, The Aurora Shootings And SHIELD
I was bursting with questions and theories after reading Morning Glories #26 and took to the internet I found a link to the tinychat on Spencer's twitter and before I knew it, I was in a chatroom with like minded fans and Spencer himself For the most part, the writer stays silent in the tinychat,[...]
Orbiting Around Morning Glories
[audio:] Orbital Comics of London presents: Welcome to Episode 110 of The Orbiting Pod! This week, we go back to school with Morning Glories #26, say cowabunga with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #21, travel far with A Distant Soil #39, act the goat with Rachel Rising #16, hang high with Arrow #6, and ask questions with The[...]
Morning Glories #26 To Be Replaced Over Wrong Page
Morning Glories #26 was printed with a odd page Not the kind of thing you wouldn't expect to see in the title, which does kinda go all over the place But in this case, It wasn't intentional, so retailers have been asked to destroy copies, to be replaced by the corrected version. If you did buy[...]
Fourteen Thoughts About Fourteen Comics – Manhattan Projects, Morning Glories, Todd The Ugliest Kid On Earth, The End Times Of Bram And Ben, Wolverine & The X-Men, Cable & X-Force, Batgirl, Katana, Powers, Avengers Assemble, Fury, Buffy, Avengers Arena, Ghostbusters
I'm so glad we got Manhattan Projects. Morning Glories does the hideous trick of applying a child's logic to the Bible Which is just the kind of thing it was never meant to stand up to Hardly cricket. Lots of child's logic in Todd The Ugliest Kid On Earth as well as some entertaining reworkings of the[...]
Fourteen Thoughts About Fourteen Comics – Locke & Key, FF, Minutemen, Crossed, Gambit, Ferals, Mudman, Phantom Lady And Doll Man, Wolverine & The X-Men, The New Deadwardians, Ultimate X-Men, AVX Versus, JIM, Morning Glories
Oh, you think you were cried out before, It seems that there are far more tears to come. Morning Glories #21 goes through the motions of those early days at the school, and the repetitive discoveries of certain pupils, and plays with it, taking scenes we'd seen with some cast members, and sees how they play[...]
Eleven Other Thoughts About Eleven Comics Today – Mudman, Avengers Vs X-Men, Prophecy, Action Comics, The Boys, Fanboys Vs Zombies, Snarked, Thief Of Thieves, Secret, Harbinger And Morning Glories
The art however is lush and pretty enough to carry you through.     Morning Glories #19 runs through time and space, chasing a man who has spent his life racing to catch up Isn't it fitting that his saviours are just in time? As the world starts to change, Wee Hughie in The Boys finds himself in a[...]
In One Week, In Two Weeks
Next week sees Eric Powell's Goon hit that regular schedule, the death of Boba Fett (again), Aquaman, the last Blackhawks, the new Popeye, the beginning of Marvel's VS, the transformation of Nick Fury, the final issue of The Twelve, the Footprints graphic novel, more Crossed Badlands, both my Captain American Idol and Scienthorlogy, after Diamond[...]
Those Image Solicitations For June 2012 In Full
Featuring a cover by the super ginchy Blue Monday creator, CHYNNA CLUGSTON-FLORES. MANHATTAN PROJECTS #4 (W) Jonathan Hickman (A) Nick Pitarra, Cris Peter story JONATHAN HICKMAN art NICK PITARRA & CRIS PETER "THE ROSE BRIDGE" The Life and Death of Albert Einstein. The blockbuster FEEL GOOD, BAD SCIENCE series continues in THE MANHATTAN PROJECTS #3: THE ROSE BRIDGE! MIND THE GAP #2 (W) Jim[...]
Dealing Cool #2: A Retailer Perspective from Third Eye Comics
I can proudly say that we've never under-served our markets on hot new titles like Morning Glories, Prophet, or media cross-over hits, like most recently, Adventure Time. I'm also proud to say that our clientele is very diverse, with fans of all ages, genders, and interests filling our stores.   MOVERS & SHAKERS What are the hot items in[...]
Morning Glories, Evening Disappointment
For those of you who bought your copy of Morning Glories HC Vol 1, out today, the remedy will be simple For those who used Amazon, you may be in for a wee wait. The volume in question contains a page with no lettering As a result, retailers are asked to withdraw the book from sale,[...]
Wednesday Comics Review: Morning Glories 8 and Generation Hope 5
Morning Glories' Joe Eisma's work has been compared to Jamie McKelvie There certainly are similarities, the clean thin lines, the open space for colour, the expressionistic faces and the elegant panel design. And today we get both Morning Glories #8 from Image and Generation Hope #5 from Marvel, the latter reteaming the holy Phonogram pairing of[...]
Comics Sales Trends In 2010
Image scored with a number of eclectic titles from Chew to Morning Glories to Skullkickers to 27, with Walking Dead benefitting greatly from the TV series Scott Pilgrim took over the book charts with all six volumes as the movie hit And then there is Twilight Manga – and the continual success of the likes[...]