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Marvel Boy And Sinatoro – More Bits And Pieces From MorrisonCon
Thomas Allard went to MorrisonCon But didn't have any wifi…  he writes; Unfortunately since I didn't have internet in the hall, it was a bit tough to send things so most of the things I thought to send you, you already got, but here are a few things here and there that I caught and while[...]
MorrisonCon Gets Jesse Jamesed
    Jesse James writes for Bleeding Cool; MorrisonCon wasn't for everyone In fact, 98% regular con fans might have walked away saying, 'what the heck was that?'  However, I thought it was the right recipe and look forward to a return to the Hard Rock next year for this amazing experience. This wasn't even a con, in[...]
Lying In The Gutters – 1st October 2012
The Question Joins Pax Americana And More At MorrisonCon 8 Highly Circumstantial Evidence Employed In "Gina Carano Is Wonder Woman In Man Of Steel" Case 9 Scott Lobdell Introduces Oracle To The New 52 In Superman #0 10 How Dreamworks Are Doing The Hand-Drawn Shadows For Me And My Shadow Another strong week at Bleeding Cool, with a[...]
Dan DiDio Fades Into The Furniture At MorrisonCon
Shawn Demumbrum writes from Bleeding Cool; Last night, I started to write "MorrisonCon is rock n' roll (not the pedestrian rock and roll)  It's as Ralphie from The Christmas Story says 'The soft light of electric sex'. After spending half a day at the convention and being asked to describe what it was to my curious creator[...]
MorrisonCon: Frank Quitely Draws Fat Superman, Jim Lee Draws Fast Joker
At their live drawing panels at MorrisonCon, Frank Quitely draws Fat Superman for Bleeding Cool's Schedel Luitjen… and then Jim LEe speed-draws the Joker It's almost as if you were there… At their live drawing panels at MorrisonCon, Frank Quitely draws Fat Superman for Bleeding Cool's Schedel Luitjen… and then Jim LEe speed-draws the[...]
The Question Joins Pax Americana And More At MorrisonCon
TJ McDonald is keeping Bleeding Cool informed from MorrisonCon. Just as in Watchmen, the cover to Pax Americana (DC, with Frank Quitely, out next year) is the first panel of the issue's story "Great watchmen reference here" "The Question will be back in Grant Morrison's Pax Americana" "Multiversity is ready, but Grant is waiting for Frank Quitely[...]
Grant Morrison And Gerard Way Perform At MorrisonCon
Last night Gerard Way and Grant Morrison performed at MorrisonCon Here's a brief video snippet… [youtube][/youtube] Schedel Luitjen reported on the event for Bleeding Cool; Okay, the 9 pm performance (which was more like 10, but that is to be expected) was a pretty spectacular word throw-down that, at times, reminded me a bit of slam poetry, but[...]
MorrisonCon Swag!
Are you going to MorrisonCon in Las Vegas this weekend? Bleeding Cool was meant to have some people on the ground, but the organisers suddenly stopped getting back to us a month or two ago… But that's okay, that's what Twitter and Instagram are for! And a look at the MorrisonCon swag that attendees are picking[...]
Las Vegas Comic Con No Longer Opposite MorrisonCon
The Las Vegas Comic Expo was to have taken place at the end of the month at the Alexis Park Resort, directly opposite where MorrisonCon was taking place It is the closest two simultaneous and rival comic conventions have ever been held. But sadly, that is no longer to be Flash flooding has damaged the hotel[...]
The Las Vegas Comic Con Across The Street From MorrisonCon
Two comic conventions. The first is MorrisonCon, at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. The second is Las Vegas Comics Expo Also in Las Vegas At Alexis Park All-Suite Resort, which is described in its very address as being opposite the Hard Rock. MorrisonCon costs $500 for three days, Las Vegas Comics Expo is $40 for two[...]
MorrisonCon Almost Here… But Still A SausageFest
But, as it was the previous year, by the time the actual show rolled out, there were many female guests at the show. While Mark Millar took a lot of flak for that, his previous colleague and now sworn nemesis Grant Morrison also has his own comic convention, in Las Vegas, MorrisonCon. Robert Kirkman, Darick Robertson, Jason[...]
Why MorrisonCon Is Worth The $767 Admission
If you have the We3-related password from the mailing list, you can book tickets for MorrisonCon right now For $767 For one night For one For one two of you, that's $1193.93 Or if you want to skip the hotel, $523.92. Already people are balking at the price. @MorrisonCon Your ticket prices are insane and make me[...]
What Happens WIth Grant Morrison In Vegas, Stays In Vegas
So much for the San Francisco Bay Area… Grant Morrison's MorrisonCon with Isotope Comics is happening in Las Vegas at the end of September Grant, an assembled entourage of comic creators and a select group of comic fans. Elvis, Frank Sinatra, Tom Jones, Siegfried And Roy and now… Grant Morrison It works, doesn't it? [...]