A Weekend In Vegas With Grant Morrison Got Me To Kickstart A Comics Anthology

I couldn’t even begin to comprehend what the MorrisonCon convention was going to be like There hadn’t been much information posted; just a list of A-List comics talent, a breakdown of the panels, and the promise of partying Which meant all I could focus on (when I wasn’t having a heart attack from the gusts[...]

MorrisonCon In Pictures

I decided to make arrangements to leave from the 28th to the 30th of September, dates of the convention.That being said, Morrisoncon doesn't really fit your definition of a convention Nothing to sell, nothing to promote and with a focus on about a dozen creators, in a very intimate setting, able to welcome 500 to[...]

MorrisonCon on Music: The Sound of the Atom Splitting

Lindsey Steffes writes for Bleeding CoolTo read Part One, click here.To read Part Two, click here.“The Sound of the Atom Splitting,” hosted by the entertaining British musician, Akira the Don, happened to be the highlight of MorrisonCon This panel, which focused on the ways that comics and music inform each other, featuredGerard Way, Jimmy Urine,[...]

The Empty Page: MorrisonCon Writers on Writing

Lindsey Steffes writes for Bleeding CoolTo read Part One, click here.As an aspiring comic writer, MorrisonCon’s “Writers on Writing” panel was a great opportunity to hear from the best in the business Grant Morrison, Robert Kirkman, Jonathan Hickman, Jason Aaron, and J.H Williams III discussed everything from approaches to writing to creative direction, giving the[...]

MorrisonCon Part One – MorrisonCon Takes Over

Lindsey Steffes writes for Bleeding CoolIf you missed MorrisonCon, you missed a weekend of rock star panels, intimate one-on-one’s, and mind-bending performances, as promised MorrisonCon, curated by Grant Morrison and Ignition Sequence, was held September 28th-30th at the Hard Rock Hotel inLas Vegas, featuring a small but impressive guest list, including Grant Morrison, Robert Kirkman,[...]

Morrisoncon Day 3 by Akira The Don: Having Your Hashcake And Eating It

Akira The Don performed at MorrisonCon This is the final day of his story.I woke up a few hours later still drunk, immobile beneath the weight of a Galactean and only just emerging hangover Vegas sunshine poured over me quite torrentially, like twin Niagras from two of the room’s four walls I felt pinned to[...]

A Very MorrisonCon Sunday by Rob Bass: Drinking With DiDio

Rob Bass writes, with an ending to Saturday's tale...EPILOGUE: One could make the argument that, for me and me alone, MorrisonCon ends there That is certainly the climax of my wildest hopes and dreams for the experience But it’s only 8:00 on Saturday night and my flight doesn’t leave for another twenty-four hours[...]

A Very MorissonCon Saturday by Rob Bass – A Clinking Of Cans

Rob Bass' Friday at Morrisoncon was here But this is last Saturday.I’m up at nine, showered and out the door fifteen minutes later The coffeeshop line for smoothies is insane but there’s no one at the bar, a Bloody Mary breakfast it is Fourteen dollars, with tip I make my way into the hall and[...]

A Very MorrisonCon Friday by Rob Bass – We Are All Supergods

He made a trailer for MorrisonCon Weekly comic reviews are here Hit him up at with criticism and/or delight.Saturday and Sunday to run over the weekend...IT BEGINS with the DJ blasting “Pull Shapes” by The Pipettes, which will forever remind me of Penny and how we can transcend ourselves through dancing, music, stories, whatever[...]

Tales Of Tattoos At MorrisonCon And Blondie's Next Cover Artist

Stace Inveigus writes for Bleeding Cool;The Hard Rock Hotel hosting MorrisonCon last weekend, has a tattoo parlour onsite, conveniently one lob of a beer bottle from the convention hall.And one bottle of beer was about all it took.Which is why plenty of young folk were getting pople to draw on their bodies the past weekend,[...]

Hazing Chris Burnham At MorrisonCon

Kickstarter king Shawn Demumbrum skipped out of Las Vegas Comic Con to see what all the fuss was over at the Hard Rock last weekend...I arrived early for MorrisonCon to pick up my press pass and was joined by a small group of excited fans The energy was palpable The first thing that[...]

Will Frank Quitely Publish His "Bumheids"?

Grant Morrison mentioned this before MorrisonCon;Well they wanted, they had this big idea, they said we want Frank Quitely to come on and design an entire universe.” he laughs “I went, what the fuck?! You’ve gotta be joking! And then I told them about this thing… he draws these grotesques, these anatomical creatures who’ve got[...]

Akira The Don's Second Day At MorrisonCon

Akira The Don performed this weekend at MorrisonCon Tweet at him here.Photos by Christopher Neseman and Akira The DonWaking up at an ungodly hour on Saturday morning, partly because of the jetlag, partly because I’d neglected to draw the twin curtains of the vast expanses of glass that ramed my half-panaoramic Vegas hotel suite and was drowning[...]

Grant Morrison And Darick Robertson Sing The Rutles… And More MorrisonCon Videos

More MorrisonCon videos are starting to spill out, including thee from the Sound Of The Atom Splitting panel.[youtube][/youtube][youtube][/youtube][youtube][/youtube]And the likes of Jim Lee, JH Williams, Frank Quitely and Chris Burnham sketching;[youtube][/youtube][youtube][/youtube][youtube][/youtube][youtube][/youtube][youtube][/youtube][youtube][/youtube][...]

Akira The Don Talks MorrisonCon

 Akira The Don performed at MorrisonCon This is what happened to him on his first day...Friday couldn’t have been anymore herculean and glorious had it been on a hoverboard.In the morning I did some work in bed, posing the journey to Vegas’ photos and readying some of my DJ set Then I took a lone wander up[...]

Marvel Boy And Sinatoro – More Bits And Pieces From MorrisonCon

Thomas Allard went to MorrisonCon But didn't have any wifi...  he writes;Unfortunately since I didn't have internet in the hall, it was a bit tough to send things so most of the things I thought to send you, you already got, but here are a few things here and there that I caught and while[...]

MorrisonCon Gets Jesse Jamesed

    Jesse James writes for Bleeding Cool; MorrisonCon wasn't for everyone In fact, 98% regular con fans might have walked away saying, 'what the heck was that?'  However, I thought it was the right recipe and look forward to a return to the Hard Rock next year for this amazing experience. This wasn't even a con, in[...]

Lying In The Gutters – 1st October 2012

The Question Joins Pax Americana And More At MorrisonCon8 Highly Circumstantial Evidence Employed In “Gina Carano Is Wonder Woman In Man Of Steel” Case9 Scott Lobdell Introduces Oracle To The New 52 In Superman #010 How Dreamworks Are Doing The Hand-Drawn Shadows For Me And My ShadowAnother strong week at Bleeding Cool, with a[...]

Dan DiDio Fades Into The Furniture At MorrisonCon

Shawn Demumbrum writes from Bleeding Cool;Last night, I started to write “MorrisonCon is rock n' roll (not the pedestrian rock and roll)  It's as Ralphie from The Christmas Story says ‘The soft light of electric sex’.After spending half a day at the convention and being asked to describe what it was to my curious creator[...]