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No Need For Quarters: We Review 'Namco Museum' On Nintendo Switch
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Namco Museum, much like its predecessors, is a collection of Namco-created titles from the '80s and '90s These titles have been ported over from their original programming, given a slight clean up for the capabilities of the Switch, and put together for your playing enjoyment Since this is the first one for a new[...]
'Pyre', 'Namco Museum' & 'Polara' In Video Game Releases: July 25-31
(PC, PS4, XB1) July 27 Leaving Lyndow (PS4) Overcooked: Special Edition (Switch) Qbics Paint (Switch) July 28 Collar X Malice (Vita) Constructor (PS4) Cyber Complex (XB1) Hey! Pikmin (3DS) It's Spring Again (Vita) Miitopia (3DS) Namco Museum (3DS) Rugby League Live 4 (PS4) Sundered (PC, PS4) Super Cloudbuilt (XB1) Syndrome (XB1) Ultra Hyperball (Switch) We have a ton of video game releases coming out over the next few days for practically every[...]
'Namco Museum' Is Getting 'Pac-Man Vs.' For The Switch
Namco Museum has been a hit over the years in its various incarnations and volumes that get released, showing of Namco's best hits during the heyday and other titles they've developed over the years But when the latest version comes to the Nintendo Switch in July, it's going to have a newer favorite added to the[...]