nat gertler

The Most Well Timed For Valentine's Day Comic Ever

Occasionally I've thought of ripping it off and relaunching it.Well, conceptually at least, I've been beaten to it by long time collaborator Nat Gertler With his The Most ADJECTIVE Romance Comics Ever in which a fifties-style romance comic has been recreated, with missing words, allowing an audience to fill them in with hilarious consequences.Nat writes, The[...]

Beer Brewed With Added Steve Rude Artwork

One new beer will be released each quarter for three years, starting in August with Slavic goddess of beer Ragutiene, whose beer will be a Baltic Porter.A calendar is also planned featuring all 12 of the Steve Rude images, which will be available through Happy Harbor Comics chain in Edmonton.These labels are the latest production[...]

First Barack Obama Comics Appearance Gets Reprinted For Charity

Licensable Bear TM #4, written by Nat Gertler from About Comics, is well known for featuring the first comic book appearance of Barack Obama, when he was but a long-odds candidate for the Democrat nominations.In order to benefit HERO, the charity that raises money for comic book creators in difficult circumstances, About Comics has printed[...]