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Queen Of Swords & Born In Blood for Barbaric's Year Of The Axe in 2023
Vault Comics has released a tease for their series Barbaric, created by Michael Moreci and Nathan Gooden. The series about a classic barbarian character cursed to lead a moral life, with a talking axe as his ethical compass has all of 2023 laid out for it. Including Book III, Hell To Pay, starting in a couple of weeks[...]
Michael Moreci & Nathan Gooden Vault Comics
Michael Moreci and Nathan Gooden are creators of the comic book Barbaric from Vault Comics, heading up the Free Comic Book Day 2022 offerings in May But it looks like they might have something new from Vault Comics for 2022 as well Could this be the Barbaric spin-offs they had previously talked about? It's one of[...]
Vault to Expand Barbaric Franchise New Comic, Spinoffs in 2022
Is Mike Moreci and Nathan Gooden's Barbaric the new Star Wars? We're not saying it is, but we're not saying it isn't either All we know is that Vault Comics has announced plans to rapidly expand the comic into a full-fledge franchise featuring new mini-series and spinoffs and bringing in top industry talent to work[...]
Barbaric #1 Is Vault's Most-Ordered Comic Yet At 35,000 Copies
This is also quite a notch in the belt for artist Nathan Gooden, who has been on a bit of a roll himself Gooden just illustrated Brandon Sanderson's original graphic novel, Dark One, which launched as the #1 fantasy graphic novel on Amazon, along with a now sold-out Barnes & Noble exclusive He also illustrates[...]
Vault Comics Vows to Publish Vintage Homage Variants for Every New #1 in 2019
Nathan Gooden and Tim Daniel will draw and design each one. A press release contains more details: Missoula MT (3/11/2019): Vault Comics announced the first issue for each new series will feature a unique Vault Vintage homage variant cover Each Vault Vintage cover will be drawn and designed by Nathan Gooden and Tim Daniel Vault Vintage variants[...]
Vault Comics Powerless Makes Superpowers Less Unique
That is the set-up for Vault Comics new sci-fi series Powerless from writer David Booher and artists Nathan Gooden and Mike Spicer. Seeking a new way to tell stories about people with powers, they succeed in making a moody, dramatic story that does feel unique in its presentation I am a sucker for good sci-fi, and[...]
Riordan And Gooden Take Us Into The Killbox
American Gothic Press has sent over some preview pages for their new independent series Killbox by Tom Riordan and Nathan Gooden The book ships on Wednesday and and tells of a brutal reality competition where a bartender named Timothy Choir tries to be the last man standing to win the money to save his dying son. "[The[...]
AGP Annouces Killbox From Tom Riordan And Nathan Gooden
The new series from Tom Riordan and Nathan Gooden focuses on an mysterious casino in Los Angeles that makes money off of murder. Bartender Timothy Choir and otherwise regular people play as undercover pawns in a violent competition that leaves the winner with millions of dollars—and the losers dead But there is much more than mortal[...]