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Did You Miss The Rapunzel And Flynn Cameo In Frozen? So Did Tangled's Director

Did you miss it? That adorable young couple in the bottom left of that screengrab from Frozen is indeed Rapunzel and Flynn Rider from Disney's Tangled, and it was so blink-and-you-miss-it that Tangled's director Nathan Greno didn't even catch it when he watched the film.Cartoon Brew dug up the following exchange between an eagle-eyed fan[...]

Fresh Details Of New Disney Toons – Zootopia, Giants, Moana And More

Was originally being directed by Howard and his Tangled collaborator Nathan Greno until... Giants, also in 2016 A fairy tale story from Greno that will "show you how much his influence on Tangled truly was." Moana, possibly in 2018 Likely to be the first Disney feature to use a hybrid CG-hand drawn style, and currently being developed[...]

Everything I Know About Disney's New Secret Animated Film With Jason Bateman

When I chatted with directors Nathan Greno and Byron Howard on the publicity trail for Tangled, early in 2011, they told me just a few details of their in-development follow-up.Greno said: I will tell you it’s a big action movie It relates to Tangled in that will have a ton of action but it will have that ton[...]

Tangled Getting A Spin-Off Short Film

As with the Toy Story Shorts and Cars Toons, there's to be a spin-off short film that revisits the world of Tangled.The directors of the feature, Nathan Greno and Byron Howard, are the minds behind the short, though it isn't entirely clear if they'll be seeing it through all the way to the screen or[...]

Nathan Greno, Byron Howard And Glen Keane Talk To Me About Tangled

Instead of spending much time on this sadly fruitless roundtable, I thought I'd go back to my one-to-one interviews with Keane, and with Tangled's directors Nathan Greno and Byron Howard I published these in full towards the end of January, but here are some edited highlights:Keane on why he, a hand drawn animator, was making[...]

A Tangled Video Marathon

Not literally more Tangled videos than you can shake a stick at (I tested, the stick went ahead and shook) but a good little pile none the less. We'll begin with an actual clip from the film, one that Disney are calling Reluctant Alliance: The latest featurette focuses on the sidekick characters, mainly Maximus the […]

Two More Tangled Videos Show Some Great New Footage

Those who have seen the almost-finished version of Tangled seem to be in agreement – it's a surprising little thing, most disarming, fully charming and one of the year's most impressive pictures. Bring it on, big ears – I'm ready for my Tangled now. Here are the two latest videos released on Disney's YouTube account. […]

Two New Tangled Videos And A Poster

Disney today the published the first of their Q&A videos with Tangled directors Nathan Greno and Byron Howard The hot topic this time? Creating the Hair - something that can be a real pig in CG If you ever wanted to see some not-quite-there CG hair tests, this is the video for you.You can see[...]

Tangled Trailer, Early Excited Buzz

I'm rather impressed with this latest trailer from Tangled. It's convincingly Disney and a lot of the comedy beats are beautifully well timed. Some of the film's secrets are still being completely hidden, however… and in one case at least, that might not be the best idea. I'm a little worried because what this trailer […]